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September 2010

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Human Resources & Payroll

Cougar Mountain Software — CMS Professional 2011 Payroll

7126 800-388-3038 Cougar Mountain Software (CMS) offers several programs for business and nonprofit accounting and point-of-sale, including the CMS Professional 2011 Payroll system, a comprehensive live payroll and compliance management program designed for in-house use by small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. The program is designed to work as a fully integrated application between […]

Human Resources & Payroll

Paramount Software Solutions, Inc. — Crest Payroll

8245 888-400-1613 With its Crest Payroll solution, Paramount Software offers a comprehensive system for professional accounting firms managing the payrolls for multiple client businesses, providing support for any number of entities and employees, with a web-based system that includes unlimited payroll runs, direct deposit, and online client and employee portals branded with the professional […]

Human Resources & Payroll

AccountantsWorld — Payroll Relief AC

7820 888-999-1366 Payroll Relief is the professional web-based payroll system from AccountantsWorld, providing an accountant-centric model for payroll processing that includes client portal and data-entry access, support for any number of clients and employees, direct deposit, electronic payment, and reporting. The program is available in per-payroll and per-paycheck options, as well as an all-inclusive […]

Human Resources & Payroll

Intuit — QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants

  Intuit, Inc. – QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for From the Sept. 2010 Review of Professional Payroll Systems Intuit offers several payroll processing systems and services, with some designed for direct use by small businesses and others designed with the accountant in mind. With QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, the vendor provides professional firms that […]

Human Resources & Payroll

Advanced Micro Solutions — 1099-Etc A-T-F Payroll

6966 800-536-1099 The 1099-Etc program and After-the-Fact/Live Payroll module from Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) is, as its name implies, an after-the-fact payroll processing system designed for either professional accountants or business entities. The system also includes live payroll processing capabilities with direct deposit, but is generally geared toward managing in-house payrolls, multiple-payrolls for smaller […]

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