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Radiant Systems — CounterPoint Retail Management Software



CounterPoint SQL from Radiant Systems is a comprehensive retail management system designed for businesses of all sizes. Best suited for the small to mid-sized , multi-location retailer, this system is built on SQL technology and is conveniently available in a smaller Express version for single-location retailers.


CounterPoint offers a variety of customizable interfaces, depending on business type and business need. It can be used on a terminal, a touch-screen monitor or a computer workstation. Buttons and graphics are also fully customizable, allowing users to choose which ones to display on-screen. For multi-user stations, the interface can be set up in similar fashion on each terminal/monitor or can be customized for each cashier.

In addition to the POS module, CounterPoint offers Inventory Management, Customer Loyalty, CRM Customer Management, Integrated Ecommerce, Order Management, Accounting Integration, and other advanced features. Other options include the CP Gateway, which provides rapid credit and debit card approvals, as well as instant check approval. The multi-site option is optimally designed for multi-store retailers.

Managers can set up a secure user interface, where cashiers can have as much or as little access to system functions as needed. Managers can also restrict access to functions such as price overrides or discount options. Exception reports offer managers a look at daily overrides and voids processed each shift. A graphical dashboard displays various business snapshots, including a view of the entire business’s operations and snapshots of key indicators. Lookup fields are available throughout, allowing employees to quickly access customer information, products and pricing levels, along with customer credit levels. Users can also search for items using the Lookups option, which allows for partial item numbers, descriptions or categories when searching.

With flexibility throughout, users can enter customers, products or vendor information on the fly, lookup various items, and handle mixed transactions from the ticket entry screen, including sales, backorders, returns, special orders and layaways.

The Inventory module easily handles multiple pricing levels, including up to three levels for each stocked item, along with promotional, contract and special pricing. Users can also manage transfers between warehouses and stores. CounterPoint also handles multiple account allocations and mail orders. The integrated Ecommerce module allows retailers to manage both brick and mortar and online stores simultaneously, with inventory integrated with both options. 5


CounterPoint offers a variety of tools to help users effectively enter sales transactions, including 15-inch and 17-inch touch-screen terminals. A touch-screen tablet is also available, and is well suited for remote location sales. CPOnline provides integrated Ecommerce tools for a retailer’s website, with complete integration with inventory. Complete POS systems designed for a variety of specialty markets are also available, including apparel, footwear, specialty foods, automotive parts, sporting goods and wine/liquor.

CounterPoint accepts multiple payment types and offers users the ability to customize each payment type. The included CRM management tool provides a detailed customer history, along with the ability to build a profile for each system customer. Users will also have access to a customer summary history, which includes number of sales and average sales amount.

CounterPoint easily handles all types of sales such as layaways, back orders and special orders, and can process store credits. Specialty gift cards and shopping cards are accepted, and customized loyalty programs can be implemented. 5


CounterPoint contains excellent reporting capabilities, with a multitude of reports. Register reports are user-defined and include summary sales data. The highly useful Exceptions report details any voids or overrides done during the shift. The Inventory Movement report is equally important. Customer Listing displays basic customer information along with current credit detail and payment information. All reports are produced in real time, with data available immediately after each transaction is processed. Pre-defined reports highlight areas such as total sales, sales/returns, vendor comparison and retail history. Inventory movement is easily tracked using the sell-through report that provides detailed information on how well each inventory is selling. The Hot/Cold reporting option presents the most or least popular items sold.

CounterPoint’s CRM for Retail POS easily tracks and monitors valuable customer information using up to 20 user-defined profile fields. Customers can also be placed in user-defined groups for even more comprehensive reporting. Specific management tools allow users to view and monitor current business statistics as well as compare historic performance monitors. The system has a strong audit trail, and managers can easily track all system access and related transactions. 5


CounterPoint easily integrates with all of the vendor’s other products as well as with numerous third-party accounting products like QuickBooks, Solomon IV, Accpac for Windows, BusinessWorks Gold, Sage MAS 90 ERP, Sage MAS 200 ERP, MIP and Peachtree. CounterPoint is also compatible with other third-party software products, including Microsoft Excel. USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping rates can be automatically calculated and processed. SQL technology also ensures that CounterPoint offers excellent import/export technology, and the Data Exchange module can be used for more extensive exporting.

CounterPoint integrates with a wide variety of hardware peripherals, including terminal displays, barcode scanners, PIN pads and programmable keyboards. 5


The system offers an excellent built-in support system. Tutorials are available for download from the website as well as e-learning webinars. System updates can be downloaded, as can other documentation such as whitepapers. Registered users also have access to FAQs and a user forum. Annual Help Desk support agreements are offered, with telephone and email support available 24 hours a day. 5


CounterPoint SQL starts at $1500 for a single-user system. Available in two editions (Express and Enterprise), this is a top-notch product that can grow with small retailers and provide multi-location stores with additional functionality.

2010 Overall Rating 5

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