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Addsum Business Software Inc. — Advanced Accounting



Advanced Accounting offers a complete accounting suite along with an inclusive POS module. Built to be scalable, Advanced Accounting is suitable for single-user boutiques as well as stores with hundreds of users. The system is not designed for high-volume transaction processing, making it ideal for small to mid-sized retailers.


Advanced Accounting’s main user interface contains options at the top of the screen for File, Module and Tool functions. All system modules are accessible through the module tab. Prior to utilizing the POS module, users will need to complete the POS Control File Maintenance items, where passwords and other system requirements are entered.

The main POS ticket entry screen is simple and uncluttered, simplifying system navigation. Users can choose a customer type at the top of the screen; however, with cash customers, clerks are not required to access specific customer types. Products can be easily selected from a list within the application. After entering information, item quantities can be revised, with the new pricing automatically refreshing in the system. A series of buttons at the bottom of the POS entry screen allow users to perform various functions such as Change Description, Change Quantity, Delete Line, Discount, Suspend or Void. Once the ticket is correct, payment method and amounts are entered. Users can choose to print the receipt if desired.

In addition to its Point of Sale module, Advanced Accounting includes GL, AR, Sales Order, Quotes/Contracts, AP, Purchase Order, Inventory Control, Job Cost, Time & Billing, Bill of Materials and Payroll. All modules integrate seamlessly for complete front/back office capability. Each system user will receive a logon code that corresponds to the assigned security levels, which controls their system permissions. High-level functions such as changing or refunding a sale, canceling a sale, allowing cash out or processing a layaway transaction have linked approval requirements. Cashiers can be assigned varying levels of responsibility, including the requirement to obtain approval prior to any transaction being posted. They can also be assigned an approval level or are given authorization to approve various types of transactions.

Customer and inventory information is easily accessible from the POS entry screen. Advanced Accounting offers up to nine different pricing codes, and pricing can be assigned as a flat rate or as a percentage.

Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, users can easily process item discounts, add or remove tax totals, or suspend a customer account. Clerks can also choose to completely void a transaction altogether. Mail orders can easily be processed through the Sales Order module and printed when finalized. 3.75


The system handles as many payment types/tenders as needed. Online credit card processing can approve credit card sales in seconds. Customer information is easily tracked in the integrated AR module, and trackable items include YTD sales information, account credits, total invoices, credit limit, and an email and Web URL, if applicable. Layaways are easily processed in the Layaway Transactions screen, and sales orders are easily processed in the Sales Order module. 2.25


Advanced Accounting contains solid, but limited reporting options. Cashiers can choose to print any or all of the POS reports at the end of their shift. Available reports include Sales, Line Items, Payments, Registers, Sales/Hour, Over/Short and General Transactions. Additional reporting options are available in other system modules, including the Inventory Movement report, which can be filtered by the product codes and posting dates. The Top Products Sold analysis allows users to customize the number of top products displayed. Customer information can be tracked by customer code, state, zip code or name. The Audit Trail report provides a list of register/cashier activity, including login and logout information. 4


As previously noted, Advanced Accounting is an integrated suite that offers excellent accounting/financial capabilities as well as the fully functional POS module. The application also works with various add-on modules such as the Credit Card Authorization module, and offers a UPS WorldShip interface for easy shipping.

Customers, products, vendors and chart of accounts data can be imported from both QuickBooks and Peachtree. Using the Pervasive data engine, Advanced Accounting can also access files from any ODBC-compliant application. Shipping information can be imported from UPS or FedEx files, or exported as well.

Advanced Accounting easily integrates with a variety of hardware peripherals designed for POS programs, such as pole displays, cash drawers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, barcode printers and credit cards swipes. For easy employee time tracking, the application also tracks time in/time out for all cashiers that log into the POS system. 3.75


Advanced Accounting contains several different Help/support features, including a comprehensive user manual and a fully functional Help option within each module. The vendor also provides an FTP site so retailers can receive product updates and other support related documents.

Advanced Accounting offers varying levels of support packages, all of which are prepaid, with prices starting at $37.50 for 15 minutes. Support is available during regular business hours as well as extended/weekend hours with advance notice. 4


Advanced Accounting from Addsum Business Software is a completely integrated financial management suite with a basic POS module included. It is an ideal solution for smaller businesses that do not require high-volume transaction processing or more comprehensive marketing/data mining capability. Starting at $299 for a single-user system, Advanced Accounting can easily provide a complete front/back office financial solution for the small retail establishment.

2010 Overall Rating 3.5

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