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Wasp Barcode Technologies — Wasp QuickStore POS Software



Wasp QuickStore POS is a scalable point-of-sale product available in three versions: Standard, Pro and Multi-Store. Each product builds on the features contained in the others, making it easy to scale up to the next level. Wasp QuickStore is designed for specialty retail stores, and is not designed for use in restaurants, convenience stores or gas stations.


Wasp QuickStore is easily installed and ready to use in minutes. Upon installation, a series of on-screen tutorials display, with options for every part of the system. This is extremely useful for new users. A setup wizard is also available to assist with system setup.

The sales screen offers options for different types of sales: sale, special order, layaway, gift certificate and quote. Clerks can easily scan items, enter product codes or use the lookup key to access a list of products. Users also have the option to choose a cash sale or lookup a customer.

The payment screen is very clean and straightforward. Payment type can be chosen from a drop-down menu, and the sale is complete once the amount paid is entered. Once the sale is complete, the receipt can be printed, saved as a PDF or emailed. Users can also discount the item(s) directly from the sales screen.

With the availability of three separate editions, Wasp QuickStore POS is suitable for just about any specialty retailer. The following modules are included with QuickStore POS: Inventory Control, Customers, AR, Security, Reporting, Extended Functionality and Export Functionality. The Pro and Multi-Store versions share the same features with the exception of the multi-store capability, which also provides communication between locations.

Each system user is assigned a name, along with any additional information that managers wish to enter. Security settings are established in corresponding program modules.

Lookup fields are available throughout. The Multi-Store version supports retail stores with multiple locations by polling data from each location to the main location every evening. Clerks can quickly process a variety of transactions from the Invoice (sales) screen, and up to five pricing levels can be assigned for each product. QuickStore POS also contains mail order/special order functionality, as well as the ability to process catalog orders. 4.25


Multiple tender types can be accepted as payment for each POS transaction, including cash, checks, credit and debit cards, gift certificates, payroll deductions, and store change/credit. Clerks also have the option to write off balances, if authorized. Customer information can be tracked using the customer module, which stores standard information as well as customer discounts, purchasing history, birthday and location. Individualized notes can also be placed on each customer account.

QuickStore POS easily handles all customer layaways, on-hold items and sales orders. Various codes can be setup and assigned to customers as needed, allowing clerks to track customer activity for possible discounts, as well as create a valid list based on specified codes in order to produce a more targeted marketing effort. The email option included in QuickStore POS also allows for tracking of emails sent from within the application. 3.25


QuickStore POS contains a solid selection of reports divided into categories. Sales categories include the daily checkout report, cash flow summary, sales by department and sales by clerk. Also valuable for tracking customer performance is the sales by customer report, which details all customer sales based on selected criteria. All reports are produced with real-time data, as the system is updated immediately after each transaction, insuring that all reports have the latest information. The Top 40 Items by Type report reveals the top 40 items that have moved within a given timeframe.

Customer demographics are easily tracked. In addition to the sales by customer report, managers can produce a customer balance report and a birthday report that lists all customers with upcoming birthdays. 4.25


QuickStore POS is a completely integrated system. It is easily scalable, enabling smaller retailers to easily move into the next level of product from the vendor. Data can be exported into CSV files, and journal entries can be exported into QuickBooks by using a QuickBooks compatible export file.

QuickStore offers an excellent selection of hardware peripherals and other systems that work with the POS application, including barcode scanners, asset tracking, inventory control, and time and attendance. Wasp also provides a QuickStore RapidStart kit, which includes the POS software along with a cash drawer, scanner, receipt printer and magnetic card reader. Other kits are available, as well. QuickStore POS also contains a clock in/out feature. 3.75


QuickStore POS provides good Help functionality. The excellent tutorials are really beneficial and can guide new users through everything from setting up a store to processing sales transactions and running reports. All registered users have access to the upgrades and patches available on the Wasp website. Product tutorials and a knowledgebase are also available on the website. Support request can be submitted online, as well. The first year of support is included with the purchase of any of the QuickStore POS editions and is optional thereafter, with support levels corresponding to product editions. All support calls are handled from the corporate office in Dallas, Texas. 4.5


Wasp QuickStore POS starts at $495 for the Standard version; the Pro version costs $995. The Rapid Start solution, which offers both software and hardware, is $999 for the Standard edition and $1,995 for the Pro edition. This is an excellent product designed for specialty retailers. With three editions available, Wasp provides retailers with solid POS products that can grow with the business and be learned and implemented quickly.

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