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POSitive Software Company — POSitive Retail Manager




POSitive Retail Manager from POSitive Software Company is a sophisticated POS product designed for larger retailers that manage multiple sites. POSitive Retail Manager SE is also available from the vendor, and is designed for smaller retailers. Both versions allow basic data export into QuickBooks.


The POSitive Retail Manager interface is reminiscent of Microsoft Office 2007, with a menu interface that utilizes a ribbon structure. System setup is easily accomplished, with the ability to choose varying levels of customization as needed. System modules are located at the top of the screen, with respective functions within that module displayed. Users have the option to choose a customer sale or quick sale. At the top of the screen is an option to scan items. The interface screen is used for different transaction types, including sales invoicing, layaway, order, service order, web order, quote and contract pricing. A running total of all items entered into the system is at the bottom of the screen along with tender option. Users have the option to set the screen register style or invoice style, depending on preferences. All entry screens are well laid out with useful lookup fields.

POSitive Retail Manager is a fully integrated system, and includes features such as Transactions, Purchasing, Accounting, E-Commerce, Service, Management and Maintenance. Smaller retailers may opt for the less robust version of Retail Manager and scale up to the more powerful version when needed.

All system users are assigned a unique ID and password, with specific rights granted by module and function within each module. POSitive Retail Manager is extremely customizable, with the ability to choose what options to display on the sales entry screens.

Designed for multi-store support, POSitive Retail Manager offers the optional POSitive Multi-Site add-on that makes it easy to monitor and manage all remote sites.

The Retail Manager interface makes it easy to process multiple transactions from the same screen. Multiple pricing levels are offered, and default pricing can be assigned for customers on an individual basis. POSitive Retail Manager offers easy e-commerce integration and can handle mail order processing and catalog orders. The optional POSitive Mobile module allows for simple orders to be entered away from the main POS terminal, which is an excellent option for sidewalk sales or for bulky sales items. 4.75


POSitive Retail Manager offers full touch-screen customization along with an extensive list of pre-defined functions that can be added to the monitors. The POSitive Commerce add-on module links directly with the POS module, offering real-time inventory updating and any pricing changes or special sales. Multiple tenders are supported as are multiple forms of payment. Foreign currency is also accepted.

POSitive Retail Manager contains one of the best customer management tools I’ve seen in a POS product. A tremendous amount of detail can be tracked and managed for every customer, including notes, loyalty programs, phones, purchase history, statement history, authorized buyers, consignments, reminders and documents.

Multiple transaction types are easily processed, including sales orders, layaways and on-hold items. Gift certificates and gift cards can be easily managed, as well, allowing retailers to offer customers reloadable gift cards. Item promos can be stored in the system or changed at the register for last-minute specials or customer courtesy transactions. The marketing feature allows businesses to print customer labels, export customers by zip code, and utilize the email manager feature to build a valid customer email list for sales notification and other customer correspondence. A frequent buyer program is available for implementation that tracks customer activity and rewards it with store credits or redeemable points. 5


POSitive Retail Manager offers more than 100 standard system reports that are easily accessible from the Report Center. Users can browse report types, click on the desired report within a category, and then use the POSitive Report Writer or export to Crystal Reports. All reports can be exported to either PDF or HTML, as well. Reports also include real-time data.

The Inventory Center allows users to track a variety of information about products, including item activity, physical inventory, and both inventory summary and detail amounts such as slow and fast moving products.

Customer demographics are easily managed in the Customer Center, where customer information can be tracked using a variety of criteria. The Daily Sales Summary report allows management to quickly review daily summary data, including total invoices, layaways, orders, service and Internet transactions. A detailed audit trail report is also available, as are detailed employee logs that display all transactions completed for every shift. 4.75


POSitive Retail Manager is a fully integrated product that offers easy expansion and further system customization with its numerous add-on modules. Import and export capability is excellent, with POSitive Retail Manager able to export to a variety of file formats, including CSV, Excel, HTML, PDF, Word, FTP and email. Users can also choose to export data files to QuickBooks for a complete financial picture. Importing items is just as comprehensive, with the ability to import customer, inventory, invoice and vendor information.

POSitive Retail Manager supports all standard POS hardware including touch-screen monitors, scanners, cash drawer and receipt printers. Time clock capability is also supported. 4.5


POSitive Retail Manager has a terrific Help feature that contains just about everything users would need to know in order to properly set up and navigate the system. Updates can be downloaded directly from the POSitive Retail Manager website when available. The website also includes videos and webinars, as well as access to a user forum. An extensive set of manuals and documents are also available to be downloaded.

Various support options are available, including monthly or annual support contracts as well as access to the knowledgebase. Support is available during regular business hours as well as by request after hours for an additional fee. 5


POSitive Retail Manager starts at $1,699 for a single-user license. Each additional license is $199. Sixty days of support is included with the system purchase. POSitive Retail Manager is an excellent product that provides small retailers as well as multi-location businesses a comprehensive product at a reasonable price. Easy system setup and navigation make this product even more attractive to the retailer.

2010 Overall Rating 4.75

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