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CYMA Systems, Inc. — CYMA Accounting for Windows



The CYMA payroll solution is an on-premise installed, full-featured payroll solution. It is not intended to manage general HR functions. For this year’s payroll review, CYMA fits our “Full-Service” payroll model, and can also fit within our “Direct Client/Business Use” group. As a full-service solution, it allows professionals to manage all of the data-entry functions related to payroll and accruals management. When used directly by businesses, it allows business owners to manage payroll for multiple entities.


CYMA can be used with the vendor’s AP module to provide all the features a firm would need to offer payroll services to its clients. The system is robust enough to handle companies of all sizes. It allows firms to perform payroll services in all 50 states, and optional state tax forms are updated on a quarterly basis to ensure all filings are correct and current in every jurisdiction.

Although it is not part of this particular review, CYMA also offers an after-the-fact payroll solution that supports the use of several industry-standard reporting tools like Crystal Reports and the F9 Financial Report Writer. This application offers integration to most existing third-party software applications.

Initial company setup and the addition of employees are intuitive processes and can be accomplished with little training. Client data can be imported from Excel or CSV files. The system supports bulk edits of employee information such as changes in benefits and across–the board pay rate changes. These changes in earnings rates or deduction amounts can be set to take effect on a future date. Since the product is focused on multi-employer configurations, processing multiple payrolls at the same time is an easy task. The system support import of employee time and processes payroll runs to printed checks or via direct deposit. All federal and state tax returns are updated quarterly, and payroll taxes can be remitted electronically to the proper taxing authority. In addition to electronically submitting taxes, the system also allows users to set up an electronic transfer of funds to benefit providers and retirement/savings accounts. 4


CYMA has a very flexible reporting module that allows users to create a variety of reports. Dozens of reports are grouped into categories for employee output, company information, data entry, current period, quarterly reports, GL and journal, annual and miscellaneous, system reports, and client grouped reports. All reports can be customized and viewed on-screen or saved to several file formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, XML, ODBC and text. The system also includes an audit trail. Compliance, e-filing and electronic payment of federal liabilities is included with the program, and CYMA Payroll can prepare printable versions of forms 940, 941, 1099, W-2, W-3, as well as most SUTA returns.

The system also allows users to attach documents/files to each employee file and supports database-level encryption of social security numbers for better security of confidential information.

The application has a number of very deep features for specialized industry practices. For example, it will prepare Certified Payroll reports required for government contractors, and time entries prepared when this option is active will be analytically checked using the related logic for Certified Labor Hourly Rates. CYMA Payroll will also perform custom calculations like local income taxes and union dues. Additionally, the application will print the MICR information on blank check stock, and supports many stat-specific payroll compliance forms such as new hire reporting and electronic filing of state payroll tax returns. 4.5


CYMA Payroll seamlessly integrates with all of the CYMA accounting/business applications. It can import from Excel, as well as from most time clock systems. Additional import capabilities are available for QuickBooks, Quicken, Sage Peachtree and text formats. The system also exports data to a GL report for import into most accounting programs. 4


The system provides traditional built-in Help functions and an index, along with form instructions and some guidance. A web-based knowledgebase is available to registered users. Live phone-based technical support is included in pricing, and additional services such as implementation assistance, custom report writing and on-site consulting are available from CYMA’s internal consulting group. CYMA provides numerous options for employee training billed on a per-user, as-needed basis and includes manuals, online class and in-person training. 4


CYMA has a self-service portal that allows employees to retrieve check stubs and W-2s.The self-service area read-only, and only administrators can edit the data. While CYMA offers access to certain documents online, this section is geared to SaaS-based products, and only such products were rated in this section. N/A


The CYMA system costs $XXXX and is best suited for practices managing payroll for small to mid-sized entities, and is an outstanding solution for accountants using CYMA’s popular Client Write-Up application. It supports a wide range of specialized industry-specific calculation and reporting needs. The system can handle an unlimited amount of employees and clients, so it is ideal for firms that want to extend their services to include payroll.

2010 Overall Rating 4.25

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