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InfoTouch Corporation — Store Keeper POS




Store Keeper POS from InfoTouch Corporation is a POS system designed for single-store retailers. For retailers with more than one location, InfoTouch offers Store Manager ES, a more robust version that easily handles multiple locations. Both versions offer pre-defined templates for specialty retail markets.


Store Keeper POS was designed for touch-screen monitors. Fully customizable, users choose the template that best suits their business. The main Store Keeper/Manager screen contains a palette of buttons with options to access the POS register, inventory, customers and employees. Departments and groups are defined through the setup function, which provides tabs at the top for General, Inventory, Customers and Employees, with category buttons to the right of the screen and a list of the respective functions for each directly left of the buttons.

The register allows users to enter and arrange the buttons as desired, with the ability to add user-defined function buttons as needed. Directly below, users can view the current transactions along with a running total of all transactions currently entered into the system. The rest of the screen is divided in half, with quick sales options on the left of the screen and functions such as departments, inventory lookup, and customer accounts accessible on the right. Switching between the register and function buttons is simple, allows for easy location of inventory/customer information as transactions are processed. Transaction buttons for sales type can be set up on the touch-screen interface so users can just touch the check sale button to process a check, along with an option to clear sales already entered.

The system’s standard modules include Register, Inventory, Customers, Employees, Purchase Orders and Reports. And as previously noted, Store Keeper POS can be easily upgraded to the more robust Store Manager ES if the need arises.

Two types of security systems are available: plan-based security and hierarchical security. Plan-based security allows managers to determine what features are accessible to each employee. Hierarchical security utilizes eight levels of password protection that can be assigned to employees based on their job duties.

The interface can be completely customized using vertical market templates to provide retailers with an interface that suits their business. Lookup fields are available throughout, providing clerks with easy access to detailed customer information. An innovative feature in the customer lookup screen is the ability to record prompts or notes specific to that customer. Store Keeper’s interface is built for efficiency so cashiers can easily process a sale, handle a special order, process a refund or a layaway, and accept customer payments on account, all from the same screen.

Store Keeper POS can handle up to 10 different price levels for each product, with the ability to automatically select the correct price point by linking the sale to a customer or to easily change the price level at the register while processing a transaction. More advanced retail options such as multi-location support, warehouse management, remote sales entry, etc. are available in the more robust Store Manager ES. 4.75


Store Keeper POS was designed specifically for touch-screen monitors and accepts cash, checks, and customer charges as well as up to 10 different types of tender as defined by the retailer, including standard credit/debit cards, gift cards, gift certificates, food stamps and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) transactions. Cashiers can accept several different types of tender for each sales transaction, and customer history and other user-defined data is easily managed in the Customer module. Store Keeper POS can use up to 16 different customer types, depending on the information that needs to be tracked.

Layaways and sales orders can be easily processed through the POS register. For businesses processing a lot of mail order/sales orders, a button can be implemented on the register to solely handle these items. Marketing tools such as Email Campaign make it easy to target customers with sales specific to their buying habits. A loyalty program can also be utilized, using either points or funds. 4.5


Store Keeper POS includes more than 100 reports with an extensive selection in both sales and inventory. Closeout reports such as the Register Daily, Register Detail, Sales by Tender, and Taxable Sales can be set to print automatically. Reports are always printed with real-time data so users can be sure that the information they have is both current and accurate. Inventory reports are divided into sections, including movement, merchandise planning and quantities sold. Customers can be tracked using a variety of criteria including rank by sales, email campaign participants and sales history. Customers can also be displayed and managed geographically, using the categories previously noted. Analysis reports are available for review, and Store Keeper POS contains an excellent audit trail with numerous audit reports. 4.75


Store Keeper POS integrates with all of its supporting modules. An option to transfer summary sales data from Store Keeper POS into QuickBooks or Peachtree by Sage is also available. The Touch Data Link feature in the Store Manager allows all locations to communicate, sending transaction logs and other data to the headquarters (Enterprise Manager) system. Database items can also be imported from or exported to an Excel file or in ASCII format. In addition to its integration with touch-screen monitors, the system works with standard hardware such as receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode printers, scales, and customer displays. Employee time clock functionality is also available. 4.5


Store Keeper POS offers an excellent Help function that is divided by module, providing in-depth information about everything from product setup to reporting options. Software updates can be downloaded for easy installation. Users can allow employees to enter information in training mode so transactions won’t be posted. Support is provided by both InfoTouch and product resellers. 4.5


Store Keeper POS is ideal for smaller retailers with single locations. Priced at $499 per register, the cost is highly competitive. Easily upgraded to the more powerful Store Manager, Store Keeper POS is an excellent choice for retailers planning for future growth.

2010 Overall Rating 4.5

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