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October 2011


ImagineTime, Inc. — ImagineTime Practice Management

877-520-1525   2011 Overall Rating 4.25 Best Firm Fit Small firms, especially those taking advantage of the tax software integration available. Strengths Ribbon interface similar to Microsoft Office. Integration with tax software & QuickBooks. Synchronization with Outlook, including viewing staff calendars side-by-side. Potential Limitations No SaaS version. Summary & Pricing ImagineTime is a time […]

Dustin Wheeler


7 Easily Missed SEO Opportunities

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a collection of tactics that are applied to your website to help it rank better in the results when people use searches to find people and businesses they need. SEO, as an industry, literally changes every day. Search engines, like Google, constantly tweak how they rank and present search findings. These very sophisticated algorithms (mathematical formulas that rank websites) are revised about 500 times per year.

Justin Spencer


Creativity at Work: A Different Kind of Auditor, a Different Kind of Firm

Accountants and accounting firms have long suffered from the false stereotype of being stodgy, even predictable and boring. Even more so, the auditor: that truly numbers-focused researcher of data whose sole purpose is to determine the propriety of an organization’s financial reporting and their internal controls over financial reporting. Perhaps only actuaries are more maligned in their public perception.

Isaac M. O'Bannon


Websites: Your New Front Door

Most of us have built our businesses based on relationships. Some have built a reputation around a specific expertise. Others have built a business based on service levels. All of these strategies are still extremely important, but an increasingly important factor in the last 15 years is being found on the web. Many of us are not trying to build a national business, but as new, younger clients look for services, they are often turning online. Potential clients with more specific needs are also using Internet search to find new sources of expertise.

Randy Johnston