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2011 Overall Rating 5

Best Firm Fit

Medium-sized and large firms.


  • Interface & many aspects of the program are very customizable.
  • Great user & project management capabilities.
  • Best management dashboards among products reviewed.
  • Tracks accrued vacation & sick days.
  • Integration with many accounting & payroll products, the most comprehensive among products reviewed.

Potential Limitations

  • Very small firms may not be able to take advantage of all the management & reporting features offered.
  • May take time to properly set up & customize, though it will result in time savings later on.


Summary & Pricing by Tenrox is well suited for medium-sized and large accounting firms. Tenrox’s target market for its Express edition is firms with 10 to 30 users. And being a very scalable product, some of the vendor’s customers have thousands of users. Each named user requires a license, and rates start at $10 per user per month. Discounts are available based on the number of modules purchased, commitments and other terms.

Product Delivery Methods

_X_ On-Premises

_X_ SaaS

___ Hosted by Vendor


Basic System Functions 4.75

Time Management Capabilities 5

Invoicing Functions 4.5

Management Features 5

Integration & Data Management 5

Help/Support 5

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