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FormMagic, Inc. — Tax-Mate 1099




2011 Overall Rating 4.5

Best Fit

Accounting firms with large client bases, with varied import/integration needs.


  • Strong multi-client management tools.
  • Multi-user level security.
  • Multiple data entry options.
  • Built-in diagnostics.

Potential Limitations

  • Limited local forms.
  • Lacks client billing/invoicing center.

Summary & Pricing

Tax-Mate provides a comprehensive 1099 and W-2 solution, with strong multi-client management tools and overviews, as well as batch printing options that can streamline forms generation. It includes unlimited e-filing for federal and all states through the federal agency piggyback process, but does not offer separate forms for state and local reporting. The well-designed interface offers multiple data-entry options and is easy to learn and use. Tax-Mate 1099 Advisor costs $299 per year for any number of in-firm users Versions of the system for users with less complex needs start at $95.


Product Delivery Methods

_X_ On-Premises

___ SaaS

___ Hosted by Vendor


Basic System Functions 4.75

Reporting 4.25 

Import/Export Capabilities 4.25

Help/Support 4.5



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