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Scott Cytron

ABC; President, Cytron and Co.

Phone: 214-647-2611 x150

Scott H. Cytron is president of Cytron and Company, a public relations, marketing and communications firm that niches in accounting and finance. He is also editor of Intuit’s Firm of the Future and QuickBooks Online blogs. Contact him at

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Business Management

Conducting an Effective Drip Marketing Campaign

Like the drip-drip-drip of water in a leaky faucet, drip marketing campaigns promote a company’s services or products through a stretched-out, methodical series of promotions to a target audience. According to, drip campaigns were developed to respond to the “Law of 29.” A prospect won’t turn into a client unless the prospect views a marketing message at least 29 times. That sounds like way too many times to me, but it may very well be the case depending on what a company is trying to sell, the price point and other factors, such as supply/demand and competition.