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Getting to Know the 2018 Intuit Small Business App Showdown Finalists

As your clients’ trusted advisor, you’re expected to deliver seamless solutions to their everyday needs, tapping into the best tools and technology to bring their business and your firm long-term success and growth.

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As your clients’ trusted advisor, you’re expected to deliver seamless solutions to their everyday needs, tapping into the best tools and technology to bring their business and your firm long-term success and growth.

Third-party apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online (QBO) are one of those powerful solutions, and now is the time to implement them into your practice.

While there are many apps to choose from in the QuickBooks App Store, Intuit runs an annual contest – the Small Business App Showdown – to highlight some of the year’s best and brightest. Eligible apps are listed in a contest gallery where accountants, small businesses and app partners can go and vote for their favorite. Those votes, along with specific contest criteria from Intuit (such as their quality of integration, level of innovation, market impact and number of connections), determine the contest finalists, who go on to pitch their app to a panel of judges at QuickBooks Connect San Jose for the chance to win a $100,000 grand prize.

Here are the 2018 App Showdown Finalists, along with a description of each one. Be sure to attend the upcoming 2019 Scaling New Heights, June 16-19, in Salt Lake City, Utah, where you can meet the people behind these powerful apps to get some inspiration and insights to take back to your practices.

G1VEG1VE, also the 2018 App Showdown grand prize winner, stands out by integrating into QuickBooks Online for the purpose of enabling small businesses to be social enterprises, strengthen their brand and align with their communities. Through the app, businesses give a percentage of their monthly revenue – typically one percent (thus the “1” in the G1VE name) – to their favorite charities. G1VE calculates and distributes the donations, provides reports, and creates a customizable profile page to showcase your giving. By integrating into QuickBooks, everything is secure, centralized and seamless – one less task for a small business to manage. G1VE is developing G1VE 2.0, with new features for businesses, nonprofits and accountants (including some new donation tracking features and more detailed reporting for accountants).

ChaserChasing down customers to get invoices paid can be time-consuming and troublesome, even hurting the relationship at times. Chaser automates it for you, without losing the human touch. Chaser not only provides tools to effectively automate chasing customers to pay invoices, but also gives you insights to better decide to which customers to grant credit.

chata.aiWith, nothing gets between you and the insights you need from your financial data. This simple-to-use, conversational reporting and analytics tool does the “dirty work” for your data by connecting directly with your QBO account and allowing you to chat with your data, getting you immediate answers to your business questions. That means no more complex calculations or searching through spreadsheets.

FlowlessFlowless allows tech-savvy business owners to bring maximum efficiency to their business through automation. From thank you notes, to marketing campaigns, to product deliver, to bill payments, to so much more, you can streamline any business workflow with no tech staff or additional resources – easily configuring automation of your recurring business actions and tracking the results.

LeaseMateLeaseMate ensures leases are accounted for quickly and accurately, in an extremely easy and efficient manner. The app will walk you through a lease, step by step, providing tips and dialogues along the way to complete lease accounting in mere minutes. LeaseMate does the math for you, makes sure you have everything at your fingertips to know exactly what you’re leasing and gets you better deals on your lease.

Payments Powered by BoltBolt powers online payments for QuickBooks invoices by connecting QuickBooks to major payment gateways around the world. Bolt records payments back into QuickBooks for easy reconciliation, allows partial payments and provides the ability to save cards for quicker processing in the future. The app enables users to insert a payment link in their invoices or emails, so that there’s no need for another system.

PayPiePayPie is an intuitive cash flow forecasting and risk assessment app that improves finances by helping connect businesses with the right investors and lenders. With PayPie, accountants are empowered to demonstrate their expertise through in-depth guidance delivered in a visual, intuitive way. PayPie brings the ultimate advisory resource for accountants to excel when helping clients achieve better cash flow.

Penny IncPenny makes lost receipts, a laundry list of employee reimbursements and hours of cumbersome manual data input a thing of the past. The app enables small businesses to automate securely, control and monitor business expenses, all while integrating with QuickBooks. A card can be granted, loaded and re-loaded through the app securely and instantly.

SnapDskSnapDsk is a simple-to-use, easily updated and versatile customer-rolodex web app anyone can use. The app integrates seamlessly with QBO data and allows for lightning fast customer searching, SMS texting, and task and job tracking from any device.

Want more info? See these 2018 App Showdown finalists in person at Scaling New Heights. And keep in mind that the App Showdown is happening again in 2019. If you know a great new app currently in development, or if you’re a fan of a new small business app that has recently been published to, learn more about how that app can enter this year’s contest at

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