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Free CPE Dec. 2 and 3: Earn Up to 16 Hours

Ensuring Success is a completely online, two-day series of CPE-qualifying webcast sessions hosted by CPA Practice Advisor, and presented with many of the most respected thought leaders in the profession.


It’s time for Ensuring Success 2020.The largest annual free online CPE event for accounting and tax pros.

This event is now over.

Visit to view the archived videos (coming mid-December) and to register for the 2021 event.

Ensuring Success is hosted by CPA Practice Advisor, an independent digital and print source of practice management founded in 1990, providing technology reviews, insight and news coverage for the accounting and tax space. The event will be held online on Dec. 2-3, 2020.

In addition to host Gail Perry, CPA, the Editor-in-Chief of CPA Practice Advisor, 2020 speakers included:

  • Sonja Akmakjian
  • Andrew Argue, CPA
  • Liz Armbruester
  • Aaron Berson, CPA
  • Gary Boomer, CPA
  • Jim Bourke, CPA
  • Dawn Brolin, CPA
  • Jim Buffington, CPA
  • Sheehan Chandrasekera, CPA
  • David Cieslak, CPA
  • Alexandra DeFelice
  • Jason DeShayes, CPA
  • Chris Geno, CPA
  • Andrew Hatfield
  • Tom Hood, CPA
  • Lauren Jones, CPA
  • Roman Kepczyk, CPA
  • Ed Kless
  • Byron Patrick, CPA
  • Jackie Meyer, CPA
  • Kalil Merhib
  • Marty McCutchen, CPA
  • Liz Mason,
  • Kenji Kuramoto
  • Gail Perry, CPA
  • Jeff Phillips, CPA
  • James Rainwater, CPA
  • Laura Redmond
  • Richard Roppa
  • Reina Schlager, CPA
  • Donny Shimamoto, CPA
  • Dr. Sean Stein Smith, CPA
  • Erron Stark
  • Garrett Wagner, CPA
  • Sandra Wiley
  • Amanda Wilke
  • The coronavirus pandemic has changed virtually all aspects of professional engagement, and with traditional conferences being canceled, the need for remote opportunities to earn Continuing Professional Education credits has never been greater. These thought leaders will discuss the latest trends and concepts and providing concrete tools and take-aways that will help ensure the future success of your practice.

    Ensuring Success 2020 will be held December 2 and 3, 2020, with back-to-back sessions lasting for eight hours each day. All sessions are free, and qualify for CPE credit for professionals who attend the live events and engage electronically with the program. CPE certificates will be downloadable after the event.

    Since the CPE conference is completely virtual, professionals can attend and earn free CPE credits from the comfort of their office, home office, or wherever they want. No travel, no hotels, no social distancing concerns. Attendees can earn from 1 to 16 hours of free CPE by selecting which of the 16, 50-minute sessions they want to attend (8 sessions per day, starting at 9am ET each day). It’s the most convenient and free way to complete CPE requirements before year-end.

    Although many new online CPE events appeared this year in response to the pandemic, many of the programs have fallen short of expectations. What sets Ensuring Success apart as the prime online CPE event of the year is that it has seven years’ experience using a one-of-a kind presentation format that stays engaging and educational. The sessions are broadcast live from a television studio in Dallas, Texas, and streamed live online, resulting in the highest quality production of any online CPE conference. Through the use of various social media techniques, you can participate interactively with the speakers and other attendees just as if you were in the same room.

    All sessions qualify for 1 hour of free CPE credit, and some qualify for IRS CE credit.

    The sessions for 2020 are listed here:

    The archived versions of the webcasts are NOT eligible for CPE: Only sessions during the live event, December 2-3, 2020, will earn CPE credit.

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