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2018 Review of Acumatica – AR Functions

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From the 2018 reviews of AR systems.

Designed for mid-sized businesses, Acumatica Cloud ERP offers complete accounting functionality, including excellent AR processing and management. Acumatica’s core financial management system includes GL, AR, AP, Tax Management, Currency Management, and Cash Management capability, but the Acumatica also offers industry-specific and niche products including distribution management, customer management, project management, and manufacturing management.

Acumatica offers a complete accounts receivable module that allows users to easily manage their customers pro-actively, including the ability to enter and manage customer data such as customer class, billing terms, credit limits and credit verification information. Users can easily manage any assigned credit details throughout the entire order entry/invoicing process, with users issued a warning when a credit limit is exceeded or an account has a past-due balance. Users can also choose to adjust credit limits temporarily in order to process invoices.

Acumatica also allows users to set up a preferred payment method for all customers, with the ability to track order and payment history for all customers. Acumatica allows users to accept a variety of payment types, including cash, checks, ACH, and credit-card payments, including the ability to process manual charges, voids, and refunds. Past due charges can be calculated and applied to a customer account automatically, with the ability to calculate past dues charges on a percentage or flat-rate basis. Acumatica also allows users to easily reverse payments posted in error. In addition, when processing payments for multiple invoices, the application allows users to automatically apply payments to oldest invoices, if desired. Acumatica also processes customer credit memos, with system rules ensuring that any outstanding credit balance will be applied prior to posting a customer payment.

Users can easily create customer statements and Acumatica also contains a complete dunning letter system, with letters released automatically, based on a variety of conditions set in the customer file.

Acumatica offers a fully-integrated financial management system, with all modules designed to work together seamlessly. The product also supports multiple currency, with users able to accept payments in a variety of currencies, with customer balances maintained in both foreign and base currency, with real-time adjustments made based on current exchange rates. Along with the financial management system, Acumatica also offers a variety of industry-specific applications as well. Mentioned earlier, these options include distribution management, manufacturing management, customer management, and field service management.

Conveniently, Acumatica also offers the Mobile ERP app designed for iOS and Android devices, giving users the ability to access the application using a smart phone or tablet.

Acumatica offers an excellent selection of AR related reports, including AR Balance by GL Account, AR Aged Outstanding, AR Balance by Customer, a Customer Summary, Customer Details, and an AR Register. All reports contain drill-down capability to the originating document. System dashboards are informative and fully customizable, displaying vital data such as Top 5 AR Balances, Invoices on Credit Hold, Sales by Item Class, and a variety of other information. All Acumatica reports can be easily viewed on screen, printed, sent directly to recipients, exported to Microsoft Word and Excel, or saved as a PDF. The product also offers excellent audit trail functionality, with Acumatica tracking system user by user ID.

Designed for mid-sized businesses that need a complete financial management application, Acumatica offers users complete online access, and can be used on a variety of devices including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android smart phones and tablets. Acumatica pricing is available upon request.


2018 Overall Rating – 5 Stars