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Lambers CPA Exam Review

Available for each section – Auditing, BEC, FAR and Regulation.

The Lambers Review CPA Exam prep software will identify exactly where to focus your studies. As you grow proficient in one area, the software will shift your focus to weaker areas until you have mastered even the most difficult topics on the Exam. The software will also help build up your mental and physical stamina so on exam day you will be ready to succeed.

Our powerful three-mode exam preparation software features:

  • Quick evaluation of your strong and weak areas.
  • A custom study plan to help reduce your study time.
  • Tracking of your progress as you study so you know where to invest your valuable study time.
  • Feature rich simulated exams to condition yourself for the real exam.
  • Free updates FOREVER! Recently released exam questions and topics get to you immediately!
  • The ability to print out custom drills and study material for on the go study.
  • Thorough content review with textbook-linked explanations and rationales on each Pretest and Adaptive Drill.