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CE Manager – CPE Tracking Software & Learning Management

CPE Tracking Software and Learning Management System for Accounting Firms

Manage your accounting firm’s CPE tracking and learning with these powerful features:

  • Accurate CPE management and compliance tracking for all US jurisdictions, including specialties like PCAOB, AICPA, Yellow Book, and EBPAQC, tracked with detail and precision
  • Create and customize your own In-Firm licenses
  • Provide your accounting professionals and staff with a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Access advanced, multi-office course scheduling with seamless Outlook integration
  • Automate email invitations, reminders, CPE compliance reports, and course evaluation requests
  • Utilize an interactive course calendar with course materials, automated wait-listing, and registration for accounting professionals
  • Assign and monitor specific paths of study for accounting professionals and staff with advanced learning tracks
  • Automatically populate and store course certifications upon validation of attendance, as well as uploading of third-party course certificates
  • Automatically populate attendance sheets with the names of attendees and relevant details
  • Access interactive online course evaluation forms and related statistics reports
  • Create custom emails and invitations that feature your firm or professional development logos, branding, and colors
  • Access an accurate and concise ‘Short Summary’ of CPE rules and requirements for each jurisdiction CE Manager tracks
  • Trust that your software is always current with the latest CPE requirements in all relevant jurisdictions through our continual rule updates from subject-matter experts
  • Access E-Learning on demand with viewer verification and instant updates to the viewer’s CPE Compliance Report and Course Summary
  • Comprehensive and real-time reporting
  • Ongoing world-class customer support from our highly knowledgeable and responsive team