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2500M® Raiser’s Edge®


Post Constituent / Donor and their gift data into Raiser’s Edge® fundraising, constituent relationship management (CRM) and donor tracking software.

2500M® Raiser’s Edge® Version 2.0 is the next generation plug-in which is optimized for the Cheque 21® System and certain 3rd-party applications.  Version 2.0 raises the bar with on-site installation coupled with 1st and 2nd level customer support. 

Redesigned and engineered based on Aqubanc’s experience with working with Raiser’s Edge® clients and other users.  Version 2.0 is licensed for unlimited Raiser’s Edge® users per site.


2500M® is a registered mark of Aqubanc, LLC.  Raiser’s Edge® is a registered mark of Blackbaud, Inc. and is used with permission from Blackbaud as part of 2500M® Raiser’s Edge® product name.