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Consulting Services and Software: FinTools XL, Option Tracker, FAS123R Toolkit, and FinCalc

Montgomery Investment Technology, Inc. (MITI) specializes in financial modeling research, software application development, custom programming, derivatives training seminars and valuation consulting. MITI offers a comprehensive library of financial functions in the award winning software package FinTools®. The Excel Add-In version of the library is packaged as FinTools® XL, and offers the flexibility of calculating option, exotic option, bond values, risk sensitivities and price volatilities within your spreadsheet. Option Tracker delivers an integrated solution for ESO administration, valuation and financial reporting.


FinTools XL is an extensive library of functions for the financial professional. It integrates seamlessly with Excel as an “Add-In” to deliver advanced analytical functionality in a flexible and user-friendly package.

Option Tracker™ is designed to streamline Employee Stock Option (ESO) and Restricted Stock (RS) administration, valuation and financial reporting.

The FAS123 Toolkit is an easy-to-use software toolkit that provides custom functions, templates and “wizards” for compliance with FAS 123R and SEC regulations.

FinCalc provides a user-friendly graphical interface around our function library. The options, exotics, bonds and volatility calculators can be used for rapid “what-if” analysis as well as superb educational aids.

Consulting Services: Valuations of Financial Contracts, Regulatory, Equity Award Plan Design, Training Seminars, Financial Risk Consulting Group