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Product & Service Guide

Fixed Assets Manager (FAM™)

Red Moon Solutions wants to give you what you want in a fixed asset management solution, not what you need to â??get byâ?. Thatâ??s what makes Red Moon Solutionsâ?? Fixed Assets Manager (FAMâ?¢) stand out from other asset management software options.


FAM’s years of experience in action, comprehensiveness and unrivaled flexibility provide the solutions you want in a fixed asset tool.

Experienced. Created for one of the largest accounting firms in the United States, FAM is a robust, well-seasoned solution. FAM’s practiced and responsive support professionals are equipped with extensive knowledge in both tax and technology. All FAM clients are assigned an individual account representative and will receive personalized, quick responses to their needs.

Comprehensive. FAM is actively enhanced to support what Red Moon’s clients want, not just what they need—providing Big 4 accounting firms and Fortune 500 companies the powerful
management features, tax calculations and reporting capabilities they desire. FAM also provides enough flexibility to support unique scenarios that surprise small and large tax departments alike.  Learn more of FAM’s outstanding tax comprehensiveness and complete financial and tax reporting capabilities.

Flexible. FAM offers the ability to easily import data from Access®, Excel® and text files, as well as the ability to export period data into a file for transfer back into the GL of professional accounting packages. Showcasing the ability to accommodate a wide variety of business scenarios, FAM goes beyond providing depreciation information, assisting with property tax filings and state apportionment. FAM also integrates with financial, ERP and compliance platforms including Vertex® Domestic Compliance software

Learn more at Fixed Assets Manager.