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Business Management


eTaxPortal provides a comprehensive collaboration workspace for the various groups involved in the tax function. It addresses automation, controls, collaboration and information sharing, along with risk management that drives tax processes and enhance productivity manifolds.


The eTaxPortal product suite is available as a modular solution allowing corporations, partnerships and CPA firms to subscribe to the “modules” of the portal that they need or want. For example, a corporation or CPA firm might want to start with the eTaxCalendar so that they can begin to facilitate their filing, extension and payment obligations. Taking a phased approach can reduce risk associated with change management and internal adoption of a new technology.  For more details, please see eTaxPortal.



Create an effective global tax function by facilitating the incremental creation of corporate data and providing unified, real-time access to information held in disparate systems. Reduce risk and increase time employees can spend on value-added activities, such as, tax analysis and planning, to reduce ETR and increase cash flow in one comprehensive tool.  Click eTaxPortal for Corporations to learn more.


CPA Firms

Cost effectively manage all of your client engagements by reducing communication issues and errors, streamlining the tax process, decreasing ETR and increasing cash flow and transparency of data. Communicate with your clients, keep track of your client compliance and audit cycles and streamline the workflow of your associates working on client projects.  Click eTaxPortal for CPA Firms to learn more.