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Taxware — Taxware Enterprise & TaxSolver


From the August 2005 Review of Sales & Use Tax Software

Taxware’s applications are targeted at medium- to large-sized enterprises.
Taxware Enterprise determines sales and use tax liabilities for over 8,000 state and local jurisdictions in the United States, as well as Value Added Tax (VAT) and other consumption taxes for more than 150 countries worldwide. Taxware Enterprise can be installed locally or with regular updates downloaded via the Internet. Connected to the user’s order entry accounting application, Taxware Enterprise automatically calculates taxes for sales, use and VAT tax.

Taxware’s companion product, TaxSolver, processes imported data to automatically generate, calculate and prepare users’ tax returns. TaxSolver tracks tax payment information, schedules filing frequency and payment, and automatically provides updated tax forms and rates on a monthly basis. TaxSolver is intended for use by merchant businesses, not as a compliance tool to be used by accounting practitioners in preparing client returns.

Taxware Enterprise and TaxSolver are designed to integrate with a user’s accounting programs, sharing exchanged data on a real-time basis, as the sales, use and VAT tax data is created. Pricing for Taxware products varies depending upon a number of variables including transaction volume, usage requirements, and number of taxing jurisdictions involved. TaxSolver starts around $12,000, but for specific pricing information, please contact the company.

Navigation & Data Entry – 5 Stars
Taxware Enterprise is set up and mapped to a user’s accounting system, allowing for dynamic integration. Upon setup and mapping to the company’s accounting system, correct sales taxes are calculated automatically, and there is little to no decision making or actions to be taken by a user’s order entry personnel. Taxware Enterprise assumes full control over the calculation of sales, use and VAT taxes.

Subsequently, upon export of data to TaxSolver, users are able to monitor the tax return process, make required adjustments to returns, examine audit trails and related reports, and retrieve and amend prior-period returns, which are archived by TaxSolver. TaxSolver provides a searchable database with appropriate query tools.

Paper Filing, Electronic Compliance & Payment – 4.5 Stars
TaxSolver provides excellent support for paper-filed returns, featuring forms that have been approved by all tax jurisdictions. Returns may be reviewed online prior to printing. Users may override calculated rates and amounts. TaxSolver has support for electronic filing of returns and EFT (ACH debit) payment of taxes.

Rate Updates – 5 Stars
Updates to Taxware Enterprise and TaxSolver are posted on the company’s support web site on a monthly basis. Taxware Enterprise (loaded locally) and TaxSolver updates are provided and loaded automatically each month and include new tax rates as they change and forms as they are released. Taxware’s online updates are available 24/7, and users can check for and apply updates at any time
via a built-in Internet update routine within each program.

Help/Training – 5 Stars
Taxware products contain a built-in help utility and online help manual. The
company offers regional
and on-site training/education, an annual user’s conference, webinars and custom implementation services. Live customer support is available
via telephone and the web.

Relative Value – 4.5 Stars
Taxware’s products represent very comprehensive and capable, high-end solutions — expensive solutions that are generally not suited to accounting practitioners or the average small business. And although they command a premium price, they help companies to avoid incurring fines, fees and other penalties. For the larger enterprise, Taxware can be an excellent fit, delivering an integrated sales and use tax system that produces correct tax calculations, improved accuracy, superior access to underlying data, while also providing tax compliance solutions for complex multi-state or multi-country business operations.

2005 Overall Rating – 5 Stars