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RCS TaxSlayerPro

RCS TaxSlayerPro ( provides a bundled, all-in-one tax preparation suite for professionals that includes individual and business compliance programs, including 1120, 1120s, 1041 and 1065, with all states. Nick Srott, director of sales for the company, noted that several enhancements are made to the program every year in an effort to keep up with customers’ needs. “The most exciting new feature this year is our free e-filing,” he said. “No more IRS ETIN testing or other hassles. All e-filing is free when users send it through us.” Also new this year, TaxSlayerPro includes a new Master report with more than 40 customizable customer reports with a built-in retention feature to track client satisfaction. Other changes for TY2003 include the following:

Instant network configuration to simplify the setup of multiple users

A new business package with more states

Quick Tax Alerts, improved connection to IRS reject codes and other web enhancements

“We believe that these enhancements, especially the free e-filing and our integrateable write-up package make TaxSlayerPro ideal for professional tax preparers,” said Mr. Srott.

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