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Paychex Launches Voice-Activated Payroll Solution  

Paychex has announced a new conversational artificial intelligence (AI) feature called Paychex Voice Assist.


Paychex, Inc., a provider of integrated human capital management software solutions for human resources, payroll, benefits, and insurance services, has announced an enhanced user experience to Paychex Flex, the company’s SaaS-based HR software solution, a new conversational artificial intelligence (AI) feature called Paychex Voice Assist.

Paychex Voice Assist enables payroll admins to run payroll through any Google Assistant-compatible device for a hands-free experience, simplifying and automating the payroll process with the sound of a verified user’s voice. Capabilities of the feature include starting a pay period or acting on one already in progress, applying standard pay, making adjustments, reviewing totals, and submitting payroll for processing through a robust and resilient AI assistant with built-in verifications for user authentication. 

Paychex is the first HCM solutions provider to offer voice-activated payroll. Leveraged with the HCM capabilities of Paychex Flex, Paychex Voice Assist allows busy business leaders and payroll admins to receive real-time notifications with payroll data insights, review and adjust hours and pay rates, and submit checks for payday. The feature also helps to reduce the administrative burden of logging into a payroll system by allowing users to process payroll using Google Assistant-enabled devices—whether that’s a phone, smartwatch, speaker, or smart display.  

According to a 2022 Paychex analysis of Paychex Flex user data, more than a third of payroll administrators have submitted payroll for their employees from multiple remote locations within a one-month period, demonstrating the need for technology solutions that drive efficiency and improve workflows.   

“At Paychex, we’re constantly monitoring data, market challenges, and consumer technology trends to innovate to meet the needs of our clients,” said Tom Hammond, vice president of Corporate Strategy and Product Management at Paychex. “Paychex Voice Assist was created to drive efficiency, empowering business leaders to manage payroll within seconds from anywhere and at any time.” 

Security & Privacy  

Paychex Voice Assist was built with a layered approach for authentication that includes a secure voice pin, voice match technology, and account lock checkpoints as Paychex Flex users engage with the Google Assistant technology to ensure proper verification. To help prevent fraudulent activity, the feature is only available to run payroll for existing employees that have been set up in Paychex Flex.   

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Paychex, bringing the power of Google Assistant to human resources professionals around the U.S.,” said Rebecca Nathenson, Director of Product Management at Google. “This industry-first product demonstrates voice technology’s ability to transform the way we work, enabling hands-free, seamless payroll processing wherever you’re located.”