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Integration of QuickBooks Online and Mailchimp Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Getting new business, and engaging existing clients or customers is crucial in growing any company, whether it’s your firm or your clients’ businesses. With the vast array of multiple, unintegrated financial and marketing tools available in today’s ...

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Getting new business, and engaging existing clients or customers is crucial in growing any company, whether it’s your firm or your clients’ businesses. With the vast array of multiple, unintegrated financial and marketing tools available in today’s marketplace, trying to secure new business and retaining the customers you have can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Currently in beta, Intuit’s recent acquisition of Mailchimp solves this problem by providing a single source of customer sales data on one platform without the need for additional applications. Businesses are able to create more effective marketing campaigns and customer targeting at the right place and time. Campaigns also can be automated based on customer purchase data or spend activity.

There’s no doubt your clients look to you to provide more than accounting and compliance, and what better way to demonstrate your expertise than to help your clients realize what else they can do in QuickBooks?

While your clients may be using competitive customer marketing programs, you can explain the various benefits by sharing the many features of the new integration:

  • Data imports from QuickBooks into Mailchimp: QuickBooks’ customer data is seamlessly imported into Mailchimp, eliminating the burden of manual entry. This includes audience(s), contacts, email addresses, behaviors/contact activity, sales receipts (total amount, product/services purchased), invoices paid, and date of purchase(s).
  • Build customer profiles with more accurate data: View timeline activities such as campaign engagement, transaction history, and total revenue to build customer profiles.
  • Retarget existing customers: Use purchase data or spend activity to organize contacts. Enable tags, segmentation tools, and automations, and make target marketing more effective.
  • Enable faster payments. Customers can instantly pay invoices online with a pay now button.

“The QuickBooks Online and Mailchimp integration will be a game changer for my clients because it will allow them to be very specific in how they’re marketing to their existing clients,” said Kelly Gonsalves, founder and chief visionary of Totally Booked. “For example, I have a client who manufactures and sells home decor fixtures. If a customer has already purchased a piece from a specific line or series, this integration will allow my client to then send them new releases from that same line. This integration will lead to increased sales and a great customer experience. Replacing a general newsletter with a more strategic approach is a big win!”

Of course, you can integrate QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp and use it in your firm the same way clients would use it. Integrating information into Mailchimp allows for 1:1 inbox messaging, automations, building the customer journey, segmentation, and tags. For example, new contacts will be tagged as having been imported from QuickBooks Online, making it easier to identify them for targeted marketing efforts. A client will be able to use everything they know about these contacts to create segments and send targeted, personalized campaigns.

“The integration of Mailchimp into the QuickBooks platform is helping small- and mid-market businesses power their success, with QuickBooks customers importing more than 400,000 contacts into their Mailchimp accounts since July 2021 to use for customer segmentation and marketing,” said Jeremy Sulzmann, vice president, Developers and Partners, Intuit QuickBooks. “In the coming months, a deeper integration will enable the syncing of customer purchase data between QuickBooks and Mailchimp, tailoring recommendations to help small businesses further optimize their marketing efforts.”

Your clients are always looking for ways to connect with the right customers at the right time. QuickBooks with Mailchimp helps them grow their businesses faster with less effort. Learn more about this new capability and help your clients quickly improve their marketing.

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