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2020 Review of Chrome River Expense


Chrome River EXPENSE

Chrome River


From the 2020 Reviews of Expense Management Systems.

Chrome River EXPENSE is a cloud-based web application designed to manage both business and travel expenses. The application is best suited for mid-sized to enterprise level businesses. Although Chrome River EXPENSE can also be used by smaller businesses, it’s doubtful that smaller businesses would be in a position to take advantage of the level of features offered in the application.

Chrome River EXPENSE is designed to work with other Chrome River applications, including Chrome River DIRECT PAY, which will automatically debit a business bank account for all approved expenses, while crediting either corporate credit cards or an employee’s personal bank account. This allows users to process and deposit employee reimbursements within three days, with all employees eligible for the service. Also available is Chrome River FOLIO, which automates data extraction from hotel bills directly into the application, eliminating the need to enter details such as room service, taxes, parking, and other hotel fees.

Chrome River EXPENSE is designed as a mobile web app, offering the same features and functionality whether the application is accessed from a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device. The application is completely customizable, with business rules built directly into a fully customizable business rules engine. Chrome River builds out business rules and approval processes specific to each customer. This customization process can support even the most complicated approval process, allowing users to set business rules as well as threshold approvals per department, per location, or even per country.

Chrome River EXPENSE offers numerous receipt management features, including Snap & Send, which allows users to snap a photo of a receipt that can be emailed to Chrome River. Once received, expense transactions will be extracted using OCR technology, categorizing all data found on the receipt image to the appropriate account(s). Users have the option to override OCR data if necessary, with an expense report created automatically. Electronic receipts can also be forwarded via email, by scanning, or by fax. In addition, Chrome River also offers SNAP, an optional mobile app that works to enhance receipt creation capability by uploading the receipt image directly to the Receipt Gallery for OCR data extraction.


As expenses are entered, Chrome River EXPENSE automatically creates expense reports, with the reports automatically routed to the designated approver. If multiple approvers are necessary for specific items, Chrome River EXPENSE will direct the appropriate expenses to each approver.

Chrome River EXPENSE supports multiple user roles, with administrators assigning user roles during the setup process. Users are able to only view and access information that directly relates to their assigned role. Chrome River EXPENSE includes both multi-currency and multi-language capability, making the application a good choice for businesses with global users.

Chrome River EXPENSE offers integration with Google Maps for easy mileage tracking, with the ability to maintain mileage rules based on a location. Integration with numerous travel management providers including Amex Global Business Travel, Carlson Wagonlit, FROSCH, Ultramar, and Direct Travel is available in Chrome River EXPENSE, which also integrates with travel booking tools such as Amadeus, Sabre, and Egencia. In addition to travel sites, Chrome River EXPENSE also integrates with ERP systems such as NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Oracle ERP Cloud, and others. Finally, Chrome River offers complete data integration with all credit card types, including Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and American Express, with statement reconciliation as well as real-time alerts available.

Chrome River EXPENSE includes good reporting options, with a series of analytic reports available. Users can also create custom reports, and all reports include drill-down capability. In addition, users can opt to export reports to Microsoft Excel or save a report as a PDF.

Chrome River offers online support around the clock, as well as easy access to a variety of help and support resources, including data sheets, user videos, and white papers. Toll free telephone support is also available during regular business hours.

Chrome River EXPENSE is well-suited for mid-sized and enterprise level corporations, and is especially well-suited for those with a global presence. Chrome River typically handles all initial system configuration and implementation, which can be a lengthy process, though the end result is a custom-designed travel and expense management application. All pricing is customized for a particular business, with a quote available from Chrome River upon request. 

2020 Rating 5 Stars  


·        Powerful application

·         Can handle a variety of expense types

·         Excellent reporting options

Potential Limitations:

·         Not suitable for smaller businesses

·         Implementation is complex

·         Training likely needed