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March 2017 Payroll Channel

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  • Should Employers Stop Asking Job Seekers About Salary History? If your organization still asks applicants how much they’ve been paid at previous jobs, you may need to soon drop that practice. The movement in state and local governments to ban questions about past pay is quickly gaining steam.
  • Labor Department Revises Garnishment Rules. The Labor Department revised its garnishment guidance on earnings under the Consumer Credit Protection Act to include amounts received as lump sums and wages for some tipped workers.
  • Nevada and Utah Top List of States for Job Creation. Nevada ranked dead last in 2009 and 2010, but has risen steadily since then. The state’s gaming and tourism industries have rebounded strongly from the Great Recession. Meanwhile, surging warehousing, logistics and manufacturing industries have paved new avenues for job growth.
  • Millennials Save More for Vacation than Retirement. What matters to millennials when it comes to saving? LendingTree surveyed 2,000 people about their spending, saving habits, and the reasons they put cash aside for future endeavors.
  • States Start Offering 401K Programs to Public. This July, Oregon will become the first state to offer a retirement plan to part- and full-time private-sector workers who don’t have access to one through their employer. The program is ultimately expected to cover nearly one million workers in the state.

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March 2017 Accounting & Auditing Channel

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