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BenefitMall Partner Program for Accounting Firms

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BenefitMall’s payroll services for the clients of our CPA and accounting partners can be customized to your desired level of involvement.

Simple referral relationship – This approach is preferable to many accounting professionals who have clients who process their own payroll and would benefit from outsourcing. The simple referral relationship with BenefitMall also gives you the opportunity to have reliable and quick access to essential client payroll, reports and payroll taxes online.

Hosting or back-office solution – If you want a higher level of payroll involvement and prefer to manage client payroll in house, you can use BenefitMall as a back-office processor via online payroll or PC software options.

Payroll acquisition – If you have been processing payroll for your clients and would like to exit the payroll business entirely, we would be happy to explore the acquisition of your payroll business. Our business development team expertly manages all acquisitions to ensure the best fit and a comfortable transition for all of your clients.

401K Solution – If your clients have expressed interest in offering a 401K to their employees then try out our 401K solution. Through our open architecture platform, you may customize the fund line-up based on the specific needs of the participants in the plan. 

Find out more about BenefitMall’s streamlined and flexible payroll solutions for accounting professionals.