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Ceridian SMB Payroll App

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Ceridian’s SMB Payroll app is the first mobile application (mobile app) submission for Ceridian Small Business (SMB) Payroll. The new mobile app enables users to perform their payroll-related tasks using their Android device, instead of having to access a desktop or laptop computer. Only active Ceridian client users can log in to the mobile app with valid credentials.

Ceridian HR/Payroll is a leading solution in the small to medium size market today. It is trusted by HR/Payroll professionals for its quality and ease of use. Ceridian is an industry leader in Human Capital Management, which includes: Human Resources, Payroll, Tax Filing, Benefits Administration and Employee Assistance Programs.
• Preview and approve payroll from your Android device
• Employee level data entry and verification including; hours and earnings, employee deductions and employer contributions, net pay, and company totals
• Ensure data security with valid sign in
• A similar user interface as Ceridian HR/Payroll – no steep learning curve
• Paperless processing
• On-demand support from our Customer Service Team

As a Ceridian HR/Payroll user you can save more time, cut costs, and ensure legislative compliance with this flexible, mobile solution. Stay competitive, focus on what’s ahead, and let Ceridian take care of the payroll details.

To benefit from this app, you must be a Ceridian HR/Payroll Web customer. To learn more about the product, please visit us at or call 800-729-7655.