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New Book Shows Accountants How to Compete Successfully

Professional Services Marketing 3.0, with an introduction by Michelle Golden, provides a view of the evolution of marketing for professionals since 1977.


The ability to compete aggressively, enabled in 1977 by the U.S. Supreme Court, has altered the past, present and future of the practice of accounting, according to marketing legend Bruce W. Marcus.

In his latest book, Professional Services Marketing 3.0, Marcus shows how lawyers and accountants can seize the opportunities of a rapidly changing economic environment, an intensely competitive landscape, and a highly charged digital age. The author has been a professional services marketing professional since 1951, and a pioneer in law and accounting firm marketing. “Understanding the past, and the evolution of professional services marketing since it was made legal, and observing the evolution of the professional firm, foretells the future of both, and the opportunity to profit in it,” he noted.

“We see new kinds of firms, with new configurations, developed to improve productivity and client service,” he says. “We see new attitudes by the accountants and the attorneys, and new relationships between the practice professionals and the marketing professionals.”

The book includes a foreword by Bruce MacEwen, of Adam Smith Esq., and an introduction by Michelle Golden of Golden Practices Inc. Professional Services Marketing 3.0, is available at leading retailers, including Amazon, or directly from the publisher at the lowest price available. Complete information about the book and the author’s blog can be found at