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UniResMan Software Inc. — UniResMan Hotel Property Management Software

From the Jan./Mar. 2008 Review
of Property Mgmt. Systems

Editor’s Note: This is a product overview that accompanied the review section.
If your client happens to be in the hotel business, be sure to take a look
at UniResMan. A full-featured hotel property management system, UniResMan easily
handles room reservations, guest deposits, check-ins and check-outs, and housekeeping
and maintenance. Using UniResMan, you can also produce nightly sales and audit
reports, and maintain a comprehensive guest portfolio for frequent customers.

UniResMan utilizes an easy-to-navigate user interface that contains an Explorer-style
menu that provides access to all system functions including Reservation Processing,
Maintenance and Housekeeping, Guest Documents, Inquiries, Reservation Reports,
Night Audit, and Setup. Clicking on one of these options displays a sub-menu
that contains the functions found within that option. System setup is easily
accomplished with Setup screens easily navigated and non-cluttered, making for
a quicker setup process.

UniResMan utilizes a series of buttons and tabs for quick data entry. The
Control Reservation screen is a color-coded spreadsheet that displays all of
the current reservations booked for that particular location. The useful dashboard
feature gives managers an effective overview of daily check-ins and check-outs,
along with current and expected occupancy for the day. Using UniResMan, hotel
managers can easily offer specials, including package deals, as well as customized
packages for a particular customer. Users can also offer the ability for customers
to make reservations from the property’s website, expediting the reservation
process. Utilizing the “Objects” function, users can track non-room
expenses and record guest preferences including any special requests for current
and future use.

UniResMan can interface with a wide range of third-party applications, including
accounting, point-of-sale, and food and beverage software. It will also interface
with Sage CRM software to better maintain customer profiles for more effective
marketing. UniResMan offers an extensive array of reports, including numerous
statistical and historical reporting, night audit reports, room status, agent
commission, and arrival and departure reports. Maintenance and housekeeping
reports are also available.

Users can produce customized room confirmation letters, registration cards,
guest invoicing and customized statements. Guest vouchers and reservation reminder
letters can be easily printed, as well. UniResMan also provides information
on currency exchange rates for foreign guests.

Certified business partners typically offer support for the UniResMan system,
and an extensive training system is included with the program. Pricing for UniResMan
varies from customer to customer, with pricing dependent on number of rooms
managed, plus the number of interfaces the user wishes to utilize.

While not a fit for the typical commercial or residential property management
company, UniResMan is an excellent product for those managing hotels, motels
or other lodging properties.