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Sage Software — Sage MIP Fund Accounting

From the Oct. 2007 Review of NFP
Accounting Systems

Built to meet the needs of both the nonprofit and the governmental sector,
Sage MIP Fund Accounting continues to enhance its popular fund accounting software.
Version 8 contains several new system modules that substantially increase the
functionality of the software. And Version 9, due out this fall, is expected
to focus on enhancing existing features and improving the user experience with
a redesigned user interface and the introduction of payroll compliance forms
and e-Filing.

The main Sage MIP Fund Accounting user interface contains a drop-down menu bar
at the top of the screen that offers access to module maintenance, system transactions,
frequently used activities, reports and user preferences. The Accounting System
Navigator is a vertical list of all available modules and is located to the
left of the user interface screen. Clicking on a module selection displays a
series of icons in flowchart style, along with additional modular functions

The Report Manager function is located to the right of the flowchart. Frequently
run reports can be saved here for easier processing. Help links relevant to
the module are found at the bottom right side of the screen, and, like the report
manager screen, it updates each time a different module is accessed.

Navigation is easy, with list display options and lookup fields found throughout.
Within each module, users can open and subsequently click through numerous options
simultaneously. The new Process Manager provides the ability to add menu links
in any process flow order desired, allowing the user interface to be customized
to suit an individual’s needs.

Sage MIP Fund Accounting is built around the GL module, with other modules available
to add as needed. Available modules include AP, AR Billing, AR Reporting, Bank
Reconciliation, Grant Administration, Allocations Management, Budget, Electronic
Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Encumbrances, Direct Deposit, Payroll, Advanced
Security, Data Import/Export, GASB Reporting, Data Consolidation, Forms Designer,
and the new Inventory Control, Sales Order Entry and Multicurrency modules.

All users have the choice of running Sage MIP Fund Accounting on MSDE, which
is provided on the installation CD. Larger organizations may want to utilize
the SQL Server option, which will need to be purchased by the user. The software
can be installed in a single-user or a client/server environment, making the
software extremely scalable for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Sage MIP Fund Accounting features multi-segment account allocation capability
with the flexibility to design the account structure needed. As previously noted,
Sage MIP Fund Accounting Version 8.0 offers three new modules: Inventory Control,
Sales Order Entry and Multicurrency. All modules are designed to integrate with
the core modules and provide GAAP compliance throughout. New receiving functionality
is also included in Version 8.0, which allows better order tracking and product

The Grant Administration module tracks all types of administrative grant information,
including contact information, report due dates, award status indirect cost
rate while being able to track payments and credits, and expenditures and budget
tracking through the core General Ledger. The Allocations Management module
allows users to automatically designate allocations or calculate allocations
based on variable criteria, including fixed or dynamic percentages. The Encumbrances
module allows users to reserve funds for any future expenses and administrative
costs. And the Data Import/Export provides for the import of account codes,
vendors, beginning balances, timekeeping data, point-of-sale information and
cash receipts. Also, as previously noted, Version 9.0, which is due out in the
fall, promises a new user interface and payroll compliance reporting and e-File

Sage MIP Fund Accounting contains excellent reporting capability with more than
140 standard system reports available. The product includes FASB/GASB compliant
reporting capability and easily produces FASB 117 and IRS Form 990 reports and
forms. Reports can be run for multiple fiscal years, and report templates can
be created and saved for future reporting. The integrated report writer makes
customizing standard reports easy with no queries needed. The Accounts Receivable
Reporting module tracks all donor and customer balances for easy follow-up when
needed. And the Forms Designer lets users customize statements, invoices, and
checks that may be sent to donors, customers or vendors.

Sage MIP Fund Accounting offers the Gold ClientCare Maintenance and Support
Plan. This includes unlimited telephone and e-mail support, along with access
to the software Knowledgebase and free software updates released throughout
the year. The system Help function is comprehensive and available for each of
the modules. Sage MIP Fund Accounting also offers various training options,
including onsite, online and classroom training.

Sage MIP Fund Accounting provides all of the functionality that a nonprofit
needs. Affordably priced for less than $3,000 for a single-user system, Sage
MIP Fund Accounting is an excellent software choice for nonprofit organizations
of all sizes, but it is particularly well suited for midsize nonprofits that
are looking for a product that will grow along with them.

2007 Overall Rating: 5 Stars