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Promas Landlord Software Center — The Professional Landlord

From the January-March 2007 Review
of Property Management Systems

The Professional Landlord from Promas Landlord Software Center is designed
to handle multiple types of properties including multi-unit residential complexes,
single family homes, commercial properties, and special use properties such
as office parks, mobile home parks and self-storage facilities. Promas also
offers an Association Management module for management companies and HOAs. Promas
is priced according to number of units managed.

Promas takes little space on the desktop and contains no unnecessary information
or clutter. The user interface is located at the top of the screen and contains
a drop-down menu bar at the top. Below the menu bar is a taskbar that features
icons that provide access to functions that correspond to the current module.
Changing the module will update the function icons accordingly. The module can
be changed just by clicking on the correct module button or by using the menu
bar. The Profiles section is where all tenant, unit, location, owner and group
information is entered. Account codes and other financial criteria are entered
via the Setup menu.

A demonstration database can be loaded for training and orientation purposes
when installing Promas. Data-entry screens are easily navigated, and all contain
speed buttons, which enable users to quickly access available functions within
each module. New tenants are set up directly into the Tenant Profile function,
as there is no separate application module. Lease type, special concessions,
applicable fees, prorated rent (if any), and miscellaneous billing charges can
also be set up. The optional work order module provides solid information including
estimated cost, caps that users wish to place on repairs, vendor assigned, and
expected completion date. The program easily handles mass mailings, including
1099s, resident statements, and owner letters and statements. It also provides
for Internet publishing, where selected information can be uploaded to the Web
for quick retrieval by owners and investors.

Promas contains a complete accounting function, including GL, AP and AR functionality.
Also included are Profiles, Reports and Mailings modules. Add-on modules include
Work Orders, Commercial Management, Internet Publishing, Tax Collection and
Check Reader Capability. An Association Management version is also available.
Promas licenses start at a 50 unit or fewer version and extend to an unlimited
units version. Users can easily upgrade to the next level when necessary. A
network version is also available.

Promas is a completely integrated property management program. With a complete
accounting module of its own, Promas does not offer integration with third-party
accounting products. An export utility allows for the export of data to handheld
devices, a necessity when in the field. Letters and statements can also be directly
exported to Word or Word Perfect to expedite mass
mailings. Under the Links section, frequently used websites and other external
links can be added for quick access.

Promas comes with numerous system reports, accessible by category, including
GL, Bank, Management, Owner, Tenant, Unit and Property. Reports can easily be
exported to a variety of formats, including
*.PDF, Excel, Lotus, Crystal Reports, Word and Word Perfect, but they will have
to be modified once exported, as Promas reports do not maintain their original
format once exported. Reports are easily accessed, with lookup options available
for quick access, but they offer limited customization capability.

SUPPORT — 5 Stars
Promas offers a variety of support options including the Prepaid Yearly Support
Plan, which includes all software updates and upgrades, along with up to 12
and a half hours of telephone support. Also available is a subscription-only
plan that offers updates but no telephone support. Cost of all support and subscription
plans is based on units managed and number of system users. Per-incident support
is also available. As noted earlier, a demonstration database is included with
the software, and Promas also contains an excellent Help feature.

Promas Professional Landlord is available in license levels ranging in price
from $395 (50 units) to $1,995 (unlimited units). A network version is also
available for an additional $495 and up. The lack of an applicant module is
about the only thing missing from this excellent product that could quickly
find a place in the residential rental manager’s office.

2007 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars