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Execupay — Execupay Payroll

the August 2006 Review of Service Bureau Style Payroll Systems

The Execupay Payroll Suite (EPS) can trace itself to the operation of a service
bureau — a service that is still operating today. EPS is a comprehensive
suite of modules that supports the outsourced payroll model we have come to
know as the “21st Century Service Bureau.” Designed for hands-on
use, EPS delivers a payroll product in support of efficient and productive use
by payroll professionals. Modules include Execupay Payroll, Execupay Total Tax,
Execupay Sales, Execupay Service, Execupay FrontDesk, Execupay,

EPS is industrial strength, performs all the expected tasks and much more,
including payroll calculations, time tracking, printing of checks, payroll reporting,
tax compliance, human resource management, sales, marketing and customer service
tools. Two different online components are also available. EPS is built on a
32-bit Windows platform and is scalable, allowing it to meet the needs of the
large service bureau company with virtually unlimited users down to a small
company running on a standalone computer.

EPS opens to an intuitively designed series of screens that allows users to
freely navigate via a traditional Windows interface. EPS features easy-to-read
screens with linked pull-down menus and clickable icons and buttons. Users quickly
discover that the “brains” of EPS are found in various “file
tabbed” data-entry screens that store company and employee information.
The platform is consistent through all modules, which greatly aids the user’s
learning experience. As we all know, consistency breeds success.

EPS is well developed and offers an impressive array of features and capabilities
geared to the payroll service bureau, including an unlimited number of divisions
and departments, state codes, workers compensation codes, three period set dates,
company-wide scheduled pays, deductions and exemptions, unlimited client bank
accounts, and the ability to print checks separately for company divisions.
EPS setup wizards assist the user with configuring multi-state setups.

EPS Payroll supports unlimited scheduled pays and deductions for employees.
Deductions may be computed by flat amount, credit-to-net, hours paid, hours
worked, percent of gross, percent of net, percent of worked or custom calculations
chosen by the user. The program’s HR abilities are broad, including various
demographic and statistical data, employee raise history, new hire status information
and key dates. As you might expect, EPS manages sick, vacation and personal
time accruals.
EPS Direct Deposit supports the industry-standard two-day turnaround or users
can opt for the expedited FedWire option.

EPS provides a wide array of standard reports. However, payroll professionals
will appreciate the EPS Report Writer for customized reporting and for export
of customized SQL-based data to Excel.

The program creates GL detail reports that can be exported in *.CSV format and
imported by a wide variety of accounting applications. With the built-in Acrobat
*.PDF Creator, EPS reports can be converted into Adobe Acrobat format. Three
types of import files are supported, as well, consisting of GL entries and check
listings, which may be directly imported into QuickBooks and MAS 90.

EPS provides an integrated Windows Help utility that includes search and index
functionality. EPS also includes traditional customer support via telephone,
fax, e-mail and an online customer support website replete with a knowledgebase,
training videos, an online glossary and a troubleshooter. Monthly training classes
are also available onsite at Execupay’s facility at no additional cost
to the licensee for the lifetime they are with the product. Execupay also provides
marketing tools designed to assist licensees in establishing and growing their
payroll services.

EPS Suite is not suited to a payroll startup operation as users will find its
cost in the higher price range. However, those with established customer bases
will appreciate the comprehensive, well-rounded payroll solution provided in
EPS, allowing quick and efficient delivery of outsourced payroll services. Licensing
for Execupay starts at $8,750 and scales to $38,000 for an unlimited license.

2006 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars