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Review of Estate Planning Software 2006 — Executive Summary

From the June/July 2006 Review of
Estate Planning Systems

This is an impressive crop of products, each representing a unique approach
to the multi-faceted problem of financial and estate planning. The product ratings
below are classified according to the six basic criteria chosen for evaluation
and review purposes. The reviewed packages included a range of functionality,
and each will attract a different type of practitioner and addresses somewhat
of a different need.

There are packages that are more oriented toward pure calculations, while others
are more geared toward client presentation and deliverables, with explanatory
text, graphs and flowcharts. Another difference in the various products is their
topical coverage. Some vendors in this lineup are focused on estate planning
alone, while others take a broad topical approach that includes education, retirement,
estate planning and more. You’ll want to consider your firm’s needs
and pick the package that meets your requirements best.