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Review of POS Software 2005 — Executive Summary

From the November 2005 Review of Point-of-Sale

Six distinct categories were considered for this review: Ease Of Use, Modules
& Scalability, Features & Functionality, Integration, Tracking &
Reporting, and Relative Value. Ease of Use covers the reviewer’s experience
with the system, starting with installation (if applicable). To many people,
ease of use is very important, since they may have limited time to spend setting
up a new system or training. Modules & Scalability informs you of the modules
included with the software, as well as the additional add-on modules available.
This section also tells you if the product is available in different editions.
Features & Functionality is probably the most difficult aspect to cover
because the space allowed can’t possibly inform you of all the features
and functions included in the programs. I try to mention the most important
ones, but sometimes this may just be what I find important. Your needs may be
quite different from mine.

The Integration section explains how the program will fit in with your current
software. It also details what third-party products and peripherals the software
may integrate with, and will mention any additional modules available from the
software vendor. Tracking & Reporting points out the special functions that
may appeal to retailers, such as customer spending habits and inventory performance.
Reporting options are always important. Relative Value combines the overall
functionality, product features and cost.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about any of the products
reviewed, be sure to visit the vendor web sites, where additional information
and, in many cases, demo products are available.