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CYMA Systems, Inc. — CYMA Not-For-Profit

From the October 2005 Review of Not-for-Profit
Accounting Software

Since 1980, CYMA has been offering its not-for-profit software to small and
midsize organizations. CYMA Not-For-Profit was developed directly from the company’s
successful financial management suite of products, and provides nonprofits a
reasonably priced software product with a proven track record.

Located on the main screen of CYMA is a drop-down menu at the top, which is
used to navigate through all modules. Modules are chosen by clicking on the
arrow to the right of the Active Module box directly below. Changing the module
will change the features listed. This arrangement makes CYMA particularly easy
to navigate, especially for new users. The eDesk feature, also found on the
main navigational screen, provides you with links to Web pages, the ability
to integrate data from other sources, and provides instant access to CYMA’s
web site. Using the eDesk, you can also create shortcuts to both frequently
accessed web sites and frequently used product features.

Many new features have been added to CYMA since last reviewed, and with version
8.0 due out later this year, there are more to come. New features will be addressed
later in this review. CYMA runs on Pervasive SQL version 8.6, and is available
in a workgroup setting of up to five users or in a server environment for up
to 50 users.

The Not-For-Profit edition of CYMA includes the System Manager module. Other
modules available include GL, AP, AR, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, Job Costing,
and Purchase Orders. Inventory Control and Sales Order modules are also now
available. Crystal Reports and F9 Report Writing modules can also be purchased
from CYMA. The Pervasive data engine that CYMA runs on must also be purchased
separately under a different license and installed prior to running CYMA.

The newest version of CYMA Not-For-Profit includes user-defined transaction
codes, a Budget Control/Encumbrance feature that eliminates overspending by
prohibiting the entry of purchase orders that will send you over budget, and
a Consolidated GL function that lets you combine several entities to produce
a complete financial picture. Invoice printing options have been expanded, and
payroll reports have been updated to provide more detailed information. System
updates have also fixed program bugs and improved software performance. The
financial calculators estimate your taxes for you, provide beginning and ending
cash flow information in graph format, and provide your nonprofit with 10 various
financial ratios.

Due out with version 8.0 is a new Grant Tracking system that will enable users
to maintain a database of grant information, including types and dollar amounts.
Embedded credit card processing in the sales order and AR modules lets you accept
credit card payments easily, and a new quick payroll entry feature allows quicker
data entry and payroll processing. As well, the new cross-module drill-down
capability lets you obtain detail in the GL, AR and AP modules.

CYMA’s chart of accounts will support up to 24 alphanumeric characters
and 10 segments. Chart of Accounts templates are provided for animal clinics/humane
societies, churches or religious organizations, educational facilities, or libraries.
The default account types found in CYMA’s GL are specific to the nonprofit
sector and include cash and non-grant contributions, donated services and materials,
pledges receivable, inter-fund payables and receivables, and program expenses.
CYMA also produces FASB-117 compliant financial statements. Using the Maintain
Funds feature, you can enter fund descriptions and due to/from account numbers
for automatic fund balancing. Most modules contain user-defined fields where
you can enter information relevant to your specific nonprofit.

Crystal Reports allows you to produce required reports such as Statement of
Cash Flows Worksheet, Statement of Activities-Year to Date, Statement of Financial
Position, and Statement of Functional Expense. As well, a variety of standard
reports is available in all CYMA modules. You can display reports on-screen,
print them or export them to a variety of formats, including Acrobat, Crystal
Reports, HTML, Excel or Word. The export function is easy to use, and standard
reports are professional quality. You also have the choice to use F9, which
will link GL data with Excel to produce high-quality financial spreadsheets.

CYMA has a wide variety of software support and training plans available to
suit most any need or desire. Priced at 16.5 percent of the cost of modules
purchased, this program provides you with all system updates, upgrades, service
packs and payroll updates. Technical support is available for $395 annually
for a single-user system, which includes unlimited support for one year. Per-incident
support is also available. CYMA offers consulting services, online training
classes and illustrated training guides. The Help feature contains basic information
about system modules and can usually address non-technical questions fairly

CYMA Not-For-Profit version 7.5 is an excellent choice for the cost-conscious.
Modules are $595 each. Pervasive SQL Version 8.6, which is required for version
7.0 and higher is $125 for up to five users. The reasonable cost of CYMA combined
with its user-friendly navigational screens, excellent training options and
scalability make CYMA Not-For-Profit an excellent choice for a variety of nonprofit

2005 Overall Rating — 5 Stars