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CYMA Systems, Inc. — CYMAIV Accounting for Windows

From the September 2005 Review of Mid-Range
Accounting Software

CYMA’s primary accounting offering is CYMAiv Accounting for Windows Financial
Management System, which is available in versions for businesses, not-for-profit
(NFP) entities and accounting firms. This system is centered around the base
System Manager module, with additional modules available individually for GL,
AP, AR, payroll, bank reconciliation, inventory, job costing, sales orders and
purchase orders. The mid-range accounting system supports an unlimited number
of companies with unlimited subsidiaries/departments, employees and GL accounts.
The newest version of the program includes embedded credit card processing in
the sales order and AR modules; cross-module drill-down capabilities from GL
to documents in the AR and AP modules; new period-based income statements; and
enhancements to the bank reconciliation, job costing, inventory and other modules,
as well as the addition of grant tracking to the NFP version.

Modules are sold separately at $595 each, but must be accompanied by the core
System Manager module, which is also $595 for a single user. To get GL, AP,
AR, Payroll, Sales Order and Inventory capabilities, the system would cost about
$4,165 for a single user. Adding 10 users across all licensed modules is a flat
rate of $4,995. Additionally, the company requires purchase of an annual Software
Maintenance Plan with all orders. This costs 16.5 percent of the CYMA software
order per year, and provides updates to the program for one year. Therefore,
with inclusion of maintenance, a single-user license for the above-mentioned
modules would cost approximately $4,850, and a license supporting up to 11 users
would cost about $10,670 for the first year and about $1,500 for the annual
maintenance plan thereafter. The purchase of the Pervasive SQL Database is also
necessary, starting at $125 for up to five users.

Karla Salinas is the accounting manager for New Mexico-based Digital Migration,
Inc. (,
a small ISO 9001-certified, Native American-owned firm specializing in management
advisory services, enterprise systems analysis, database design and management,
data acquisition and secure data storage, information lifecycle management,
IT consulting and staff augmentation. She has been a CYMA user since 1981 when
she started a small bookkeeping practice while attending college, and she continued
using it when she changed to a CPA practice. Since her husband had a degree
in computer science, she began to specialize in computer technology and trained
several businesses on a variety of software packages. When she retired from
active public practice and went to work in the private sector, Salinas recollected
having to suffer through software packages that were not based on accounting
but rather were based on project management with accounting slapped on as an
afterthought. “I swore that as soon as I ‘ran’ things, I would
get my CYMA back,” she said.

When she started working at Digital Migration, the firm had decided to move
its accounting in-house, so Salinas had her boss look at several packages with
her. Her boss was impressed with CYMA’s affordability and with the features
that he thought he would have to pay more for. “So I am now a happy camper,”
Salinas said.

All of CYMA’s modules share the same general user interface and are accessible
from within the System Manager. The system’s browser-like interface, the
eDesk, provides access to available modules, as well as system utilities for
setting up companies, user rights and other tasks, and has browser-style navigation
buttons. The customizable eDesk also contains a URL address field that allows
the program to be used as a web browser, access reference tools or contact the
company. Shortcut links can be added to the bar, much like the Internet Explorer
shortcut bar, allowing quicker access to frequent tasks or reports. Checklists
guide company and employee setup, including the determination of accounting
periods and setting up the GL. When setting up new companies, templates can
be used to speed the process or the user can simply copy another company’s
settings. The eDesk also offers JavaScript Financial Calculators and various
CYMA reference materials.

Modules are accessed from a scroll-down list at the top of the screen, and
data entry is performed on multi-tabbed subwindows that maintain consistency
in styling across modules. They include color-coded fields and links to looking
up accounts, names and other items. A spreadsheet-like system is used for company,
employee, vendor and many other selection screens. The system allows users to
open more than one module simultaneously.

The program’s portability was a strong selling point for Salinas, who
enjoys the ease with which she’s able to train clients and internal users.
“You can close certain modules without having to close the whole system,”
she says. “That way, we can keep their business running while I go in
and make adjustments, without impacting the unaffected modules.”

CYMA Financial Management System maintains a detailed audit trail of all transactions,
deletions, adjustments and edits, and also provides security features that enable
management to limit users to only specific modules, tasks, companies or other
options. FMS supports an unlimited number of companies, employees and divisions;
its inventory module provides real-time tracking of all movements and supports
tracking of items in a single or multi-warehouse environment. The inventory
system supports FIFO, LIFO and average costing, and integrates with GL, purchasing,
sales and job costing. The AP module offers print-ready check formats with support
for MICR, and integrates with CYMA’s GL, purchasing and job costing modules.

The AR system includes tax processing functions, billing capabilities with
customized statements and e-mailable invoices. The bank reconciliation functions
can retrieve account-related transactions from AP, AR, the GL and payroll, as
well as from the Write-Up module and across multiple companies. Payroll is supported
for all states, with multi-state per employee capability, as well as direct
deposit and worker’s comp tracking.

All FMS modules integrate as necessary, enabling data sharing within the system.
Additionally, the program can map and import ASCII-formatted data, and the GL,
AP, AR and payroll modules can import data in *.CSV format. The system can export
to a variety of reporting and analytic programs. Reports can be exported into
*.PDF, *.CSV, Crystal Reports, Excel, Word, HTML, XML and *.RTF.

FMS includes a strong reporting function that includes full financials, as well
as pre-built reports for entry listings, ledgers and ratio analyses, as well
as module-specific options such as invoicing, vendor/customer lists and histories,
and payroll management data. An optional Crystal Reports writer provides additional
customization and report design options. A batch reporting facility has also
been recently added to the system.

FMS includes a decent built-in help utility with checklist-based guidance through
setup tasks and how-to tutorials, but no “context-specific” features.
CYMA offers online and on-site training options, as well as per-incident or
subscription-based support packages. Salinas says the system is very easy to
learn, and “the help screens are laid out in a manner that enables you
to follow the thought process and carry that concept to the other modules.”

In its Financial Management System, CYMA offers a strong, module-based accounting
application with capable reporting and good inventory functions, centered around
a comfortable user interface. For mid-sized businesses needing the complete
array of accounting and management software, the pricing is appropriate, but
for companies replacing only a few key elements of their software, the modularity
of FMS provides access to highly capable software without the cost of an entire
system. Module pricing has gone up over the past year, however, and the inclusion
of a maintenance plan is mandatory. Salinas says she liked the cost versus the
value. “It has more flexibility than some of the lower-priced packages
and is just as comprehensive with features as good as or better than the higher-priced

2005 Overall Rating – 4 Stars