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Michelle Golden River, CPF – 2024 Most Powerful Women in Accounting

Michelle Golden River, CPF

2024 Most Powerful Women in Accounting

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What is your favorite part of being a member of the accounting profession?

I’ve always been drawn to accounting. The work, itself, is noble and valuable. I love working with CPAs because a common thread I see is that across the profession, accountants chose it because they love to help others.

How have you personally seen the roles of women evolve in the accounting profession?

Working in accounting since the IBM blue suit days, I observed women emulating males both in appearance and behavior as they broke the glass ceiling to earn those first female seats at the ownership table. I rejoiced over the years as women leaders felt they could increasingly be ‘themselves’ while advancing, staying more feminine in appearance and demeanor. Women leaders have increased empathy, care, and understanding within their organization’s cultures. Women and men are different and this is good; the blend of thinking and behavior is a very good thing for both teams and customers.

What do you anticipate will be the biggest change in the accounting profession in the next 10 years?

Increasing relevance to customers. We have huge relevance and potential for more. We just aren’t great at articulating it. We need to effectively communicate our worth-proposition in order to merit higher prices. Without charging more, we won’t be able to afford the talent to do the stimulating, creative work that inspires people to join and stay in the profession.

What is your favorite professional mobile app, and why?

My new favorite is Ulysses for writing.

What are your favorite podcasts?

I’m not much of a podcast person but when I do listen, I enjoy Breaking Beliefs, The Upstream Leader, Impact Pricing, Accounting Today, The Soul of Enterprise, and The Business of Authority

What books have you read recently that you would like to recommend?

Some favorite business books are “Liminal Thinking” by Dave Gray, “The Thin Book of Trust” by Charles Feltman, and “The Outward Mindset” by The Arbinger Institute.


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