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Lindsay Stevenson, CPA, CGMA – 2024 Most Powerful Women in Accounting

Lindsay Stevenson, CPA, CGMA

2023 Most Powerful Women in Accounting
Chief Transformation Officer


What is your favorite part of being a member of the accounting profession?

My favorite part of being a member of the accounting profession is the lifelong friends I have made through my work. The accounting profession attracts some of the most brilliant, compassionate, humorous, and fun-loving people and I have been fortunate enough to build meaningful friendships with so many of them. My life is better because people matter and the accounting profession is where I found my people.

How have you personally seen the roles of women evolve in the accounting profession?

When I joined the AICPA Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee (WIEC) about 8 years ago, the gender survey results within the profession reflected about 16% of women ownership in firms. Women ownership in firms is over 24% in the most recent data and continuing to climb. While I don’t believe roles have really changed (women have been kicking ass in this profession for quite some time), the titles are finally starting to catch up with the talent. I have watched as women find their voices to go after the roles they desire and men sponsor them along the way. While we still have work to do, my experience has been that we are moving the needle within the profession and creating opportunities for women to access leadership ranks.

What do you anticipate will be the biggest change in the accounting profession in the next 10 years?

It is difficult to know what the biggest change will be as we are in a constant state of growth and change. Between advances in technology, shifts in demographics entering the workforce, regulatory environments, evolving public needs, and limitless disruptions in business models/services, the opportunity for the “biggest change” is everywhere. I hope the biggest change in the next 10 years for the profession is a reimagining of how we lead business and drive economies. As society’s trusted advisors, we have the potential to help decision makers focus on intentional, responsible, sustainable and conscientious choices that position businesses to drive success in a positive way.

What is your favorite professional mobile app, and why?

ChatGPT is my favorite mobile app (although I just heard about Pi and I am quickly becoming a big fan!). Gen AI makes all the small tasks a little quicker to get through, especially the ones I am dreading. I generally use the app to summarize info for me, give me starter concepts when I am stuck or just talk through something challenging.

What are your favorite podcasts?

  • What’s Your “And”?
  • A Bit of Optimism
  • The Mindvalley Show
  • Accounting High
  • Digital CPA

What books have you read recently that you would like to recommend?

  • Inspired Inc. by Lisa MacCallum, Emily Brew and Nicole Howson
  • Disrupt Disruption by Pascal Finette
  • Leading With Significance by Joey Havens


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