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Introducing Intuit Assist for QuickBooks, A Trusted Business Assistant by Your Side

When it comes to things like managing cash flow, finding customers, and growing their business, small business owners have to make important decisions that can have a significant impact on their success.

When it comes to things like managing cash flow, finding customers, and growing their business, small business owners have to make important decisions that can have a significant impact on their success.

That’s where Intuit Assist for QuickBooks comes in—our new generative AI-powered financial assistant, now available in beta and rolling out more broadly later this year, designed to help your clients succeed. By surfacing powerful and relevant insights based on business performance and their customers’ behavior, Intuit Assist will help guide small businesses on the spot and enable them to make informed business decisions.

“With the introduction of Intuit Assist, we’re taking a giant step forward in powering  prosperity for all. We’re creating a future where we do the hard work for small businesses and  consumers to fuel their financial success, helping them achieve their dreams,” said Sasan Goodarzi, chief executive officer of Intuit. “Leveraging our vast amounts of rich data and years  of investment in AI and GenAI, we’re unlocking the power of our platform to reimagine AI assisted customer experiences.”

The power of Intuit Assist

Intuit Assist will help your clients’ businesses thrive by automating tasks and workflows, including invoicing, building action plans to help them meet business goals, and answering their pressing financial questions on the spot. Eventually, your clients will have the ability to ask Intuit Assist to send invoices, surface profitability insights, identify their top-selling products by month, and more. If your clients also use Intuit Mailchimp, Intuit Assist will soon help optimize their sales pipeline by automatically drafting email responses to potential customers, using relevant product and service data from QuickBooks.

Intuit Assist will intuitively know what is top of mind for small- and mid-sized businesses of all types. Your clients might not know what to ask, but Intuit Assist will be an always-on financial assistant working in the background, leveraging your clients’ business data and data points from businesses like theirs to proactively surface personalized insights every step of the way.

How Intuit Assist works

Once available, your clients will find Intuit Assist on their QuickBooks dashboard. Four key ways Intuit Assist will help and support your clients’ businesses include the following:

1.     Show me

Intuit Assist will help save time and provide insights to give your clients a comprehensive view of where their business stands. Once they have this information, you can help them make better-informed business decisions.

2.     Do it for me

Intuit Assist will automate tasks, such as drafting invoice reminders, saving clients time, and allowing them to focus on the bigger picture. If a gap in revenue is projected, Intuit Assist will surface those cash flow hotspots and deliver clear, personalized recommendations to help them close the gap and meet revenue goals.

3.     Guide me

With your expertise combined with knowledge from our extensive financial data, Intuit Assist will be able to create a fully customized action plan across both QuickBooks and Mailchimp that guides a small business owner’s attention to where it’s most impactful.

4.     Help me

Intuit Assist will supercharge help and support throughout your clients’ journey, answering questions and providing customized support based on the insight QuickBooks has into their business.

Technology continues to help small business owners better understand their business, streamline processes to save time, and grow their business. We believe AI-driven innovations such as Intuit Assist are a vital part of powering your clients’ business success into the future.

Intuit Assist will be rolling out to all QuickBooks Online customers in the United States in the coming months. You can also visit the Firm of the Future blog for continuous updates or the  Intuit Assist page.