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Several CPA Firms Made Fortune’s ‘Best Companies to Work For’ List for 2023

The business magazine’s 26th annual ranking includes seven of the top 15 biggest accounting firms in the U.S.

Fortune recently released its 26th annual ranking of the 100 best companies to work for, and the business magazine’s list for 2023 includes seven of the top 15 biggest accounting firms in the U.S.

The data, collected by the website Great Place to Work, is based on survey responses from more than 1.3 million workers across the country. Employees are asked to provide feedback about their company’s culture by responding to 60 statements on a five-point scale and answering two open-ended questions. Great Place to Work then measures the difference in survey responses across “demographic groups and roles within each organization to assess both the quality and consistency of the employee experience.”

The following seven accounting firms made Fortune’s top 100 this year. We’ve included where each firm was ranked, its ranking from last year, how many years the firm has made Fortune’s list, and Fortune’s reasoning for each firm being a top company to work for in 2023.

16. Plante Moran

2022 ranking: 30
Years on list: 25
Why the firm made the list: Plante Moran, one of the nation’s largest accounting firms, is celebrating its 25th year on the best companies to work for list. Plante Moran’s first core value is “We care,” which sets the tone for an organization dedicated to treating its employees as people first and professionals second.

This past year Plante Moran continued its companywide focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion by increasing the number of employee resource groups by 75%, creating dedicated DEI performance measures for partners, and adding a new DEI core principle, now enshrined in the firm’s corporate culture.

Plante Moran is known for its long-standing commitment to work-life balance, operating with a Workplace for Your Day model that allows employees complete autonomy regarding remote work.

New-grad hires that join the firm in assurance or tax spend their first few years working with clients in a variety of industries before selecting where they want to specialize. Plante Moran calls this its “Focus & Choice” program.

17. Deloitte

2022 ranking: 24
Years on list: 24
Why the firm made the list: This consulting company—on the best companies to work for list for 24 years running—provides audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Deloitte’s culture is dedicated to helping leaders learn and grow. Deloitte University is a prime example of this, with facilities in every operating market to train and connect employees.

The company has published DEI transparency reports for the past two years. This year, more Black and LGBTQIA+ professionals reported feeling that they can “bring their whole (selves) to work.”

The Mental Health Baseline program sets a minimum expectation for mental health support companywide by educating leaders to help ease the stigma around seeking this support. Deloitte also offers a program enabling staff to take preventive measures and avoid burnout.

“Deloitte deeply listens to our feedback and makes adjustments to our practices in such a dynamic way that you could forget how big we really are. Deloitte proactively identifies ways to improve our experience and delight us as practitioners,” said one employee.

30. PwC

2022 ranking: 63
Years on list: 19
Why the firm made the list: The expansive financial services and consulting firm offers unique benefit programs to their employees that allow for more flexibility.

This past year, PwC launched its new sabbatical program, which provides employees up to six months off while still receiving 20% of their pay.

The company expanded its parental leave policy from eight weeks to 12. Parents can also take an additional four weeks where they work at a reduced schedule of 60% (24 hours per week) at their regular base pay.

PwC increased the number of free counseling sessions from six to 12 annually and increased reimbursement for out-of-network mental health support from 70% to 90%.

This past year PwC launched My+, a $2.4 billion program that enables employees to build personalized careers, choosing what they work on, the hours they work, where they work, and the benefits they need.

36. KPMG

2022 ranking: 63
Years on list: 19
Why the firm made the list: One of the Big Four accounting firms, KPMG has appeared on the best companies to work for list for 16 years.

The GROW @ Lakehouse immersion program gives manager-level staff the opportunity to meet and learn from senior leaders across the firm.

Ninety-three percent of employees note that they are offered “training or development” opportunities to further themselves professionally.

To help ensure employees take breaks throughout the day, KPMG shortened all meetings by five minutes, with senior leaders announcing they would even wrap up early on client calls.

KPMG laid off about 700 employees in February, roughly 2% of its U.S. workforce.

“I am confident that if a pressing personal problem arose, everyone on my team, and all of management, would encourage me to deal with the problem in my life with no judgment,” one employee said.

42. RSM US

2022 ranking: 40
Years on list: 3
Why the firm made the list: At audit, tax, and consulting services provider RSM US, the well-being, training, and development of its more than 13,000 workers is a top priority.

RSM US reimburses staff for childcare and other dependent-care costs accrued when they must travel or work beyond their regular schedule.

In 2022, RSM US began offering staff access to Modern Health, a platform where employees and their families can receive one-on-one mental health coaching and clinical therapy, as well as find self-directed digital programming and community conversations.

After initiating several policies meant to improve employee work-life balance during the pandemic’s height, RSM US has further expanded many of these programs, including self-managed time off and caregiver leave.

RSM US launched the RSM Excellence Academy in 2022, which aims to boost professional skills among college students from underrepresented communities, such as those of Black and Hispanic heritage.

“I can work the hours that fit my life as long as it is reasonable and communicated to those I work with,” one RSM US employee said. “This allows for making personal life appointments as needed without adding stress so I can take better care of myself, making me a better employee.”

50. EY

2022 ranking: 52
Years on list: 25
Why the firm made the list: Despite a tumultuous year, that included a nine-figure Securities and Exchange Commission fine and the announcement of a corporate spinoff, consulting giant EY still inched up two spots in the best companies to work for list.

Last year EY announced it would split its accounting and consulting arms into two separate businesses to reduce the likelihood of conflicts of interest.

In June the SEC issued EY a $100 million fine after employees were found to have cheated on the CPA ethics exam.

The eight-week Mindful Leadership program develops employees’ emotional intelligence with training on skills like empathy, concentration, and creativity.

EY was the first of the Big Four consulting firms to have a partner-level leader tasked with hiring diverse talent.

In an effort to help employees access medical procedures banned in certain parts of the country, EY’s health care plan will cover costs for those who have to travel more than 50 miles for reproductive health care, transplants, and gender affirmation surgeries.

Note: Fortune’s ranking came out before EY decided to scrap its plan to split the firm’s auditing and consulting businesses.

60. Crowe

2022 ranking: 67
Years on list: 5
Why the firm made the list: The accounting, consulting, and technology company emphasizes its transparency with its staff as well as the wealth of benefits it provides employees, including career services, improved healthcare packages, and additional compensation for work travel.

Every employee receives a career coach, and nine out of 10 employees agree that they’re offered “training or development” to further themselves professionally.

“My career coach is consistently finding ways to create opportunities for my growth and learning,” said one Crowe employee. “And every day, I feel like I am being pushed to be better and work harder than before.”

Beyond Crowe’s commitment to employee career development, it recently added to its healthcare plan options, including travel cost reimbursements for fertility services and coverage for continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps.

Working parents can take advantage of the weekend childcare reimbursement program, which provides up to $500 a year to cover a licensed daycare provider or in-home childcare provider of the employee’s choice.

Crowe offers travel bonuses to those who are on the road for more than 50 nights a year, including $21,000 for those who spend 225 nights traveling.