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Client Hub Launches a Free Recategorize Plan

Firms using Client Hub can now connect a client’s QuickBooks file to that client’s workspace in Client Hub. Then, they simply designate a QuickBooks account for uncategorized transactions.

Client Hub announced the launch of Recategorize, a completely free tier of Client Hub for accounting and bookkeeping firms. With Recategorize, accountants can now get all their QuickBooks transaction questions resolved from their clients quickly and easily – and the subscription for this is totally free. 

Client Hub is a modern workflow platform with deep roots in the accounting profession. Unlike traditional practice management platforms, Client Hub is built to be used by both the accounting team and clients. Accountants can manage their work and communicate with their clients, all from one place. And clients have modern one-stop experience to work with the firm.

One of the key features of that platform has been our QuickBooks integration to resolve uncategorized expense transactions, which was a finalist for CPA Practice Advisor Product of the Year in 2020. This QuickBooks integration has now been enhanced to also include resolving uncategorized deposit transactions.  And today with the introduction of the Recategorize plan, it is free for all firms to use, not just for a limited time but forever.

“As a practitioner, I found that we wasted a lot of time re-entering QuickBooks transactions into a spreadsheet and then sending it to the client to resolve,” said Judie McCarthy, Co-Founder of Client Hub.  “It’s exciting that firms can use a free solution now to totally streamline this process and get client answers quickly, and automatically update QuickBooks as well with those new categorizations.”

For firms looking to expand capabilities, Client Hub’s higher tier plans feature complete workflow management, client tasks and secure messaging, cloud-based file sharing, and more.