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Intuit Unveils New Product Experiences and Celebrates 25 Years of the ProAdvisor Program at QuickBooks Connect 2022

Restaurateur and chef Carla Hall emceed as Williams, Gladwell, and Sinek inspired a sold-out crowd of more than 3,000 QuickBooks partners at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

A new solution to ease business-to-business transactions, and another to keep inventory organized, were revealed at QuickBooks Connect (QBC) in Las Vegas, Dec. 7-9. QBC celebrated its first in-person event since 2019 in a new host city with a trio of big-name speakers: tennis legend Serena Williams, journalist Malcolm Gladwell, and author Simon Sinek.

Restaurateur and chef Carla Hall emceed as Williams, Gladwell, and Sinek inspired a sold-out crowd of more than 3,000 QuickBooks partners at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The live, three-day event teemed with exciting updates for accountants, bookkeepers, and solutions providers, all of whom were able to connect with one another through sessions, interactive booths, and QBC’s signature brain dates.

New to QuickBooks: The Business Network and commerce automation in QuickBooks Online

From the mainstage to the exhibit hall, leaders across the Small Business Self-Employed business showcased improvements across the QuickBooks platform. Recognizing the ongoing friction in B2B transactions, Rania Succar, CEO of Intuit Mailchimp and leader of the Money Movement Business, announced the QuickBooks Business Network.

“This network will enable millions of QuickBooks businesses and contractors to connect to each other in order to automatically sync invoices as bills and send payments without needing to exchange sensitive account information,” she said.

Invoicing, billing, and bill pay workflows are gaining expanded capabilities in conjunction with the network, and compliance for W-9s and 1099s is simplified when working with in-network contractors.

Cassie Divine, senior vice president of the QuickBooks Platform, brought to life how QuickBooks Commerce Accounting seamlessly connects Amazon, Shopify, and eBay sales channels to QuickBooks, curtailing the need for manual data entry

“Accountants and customers can save time with accurate data to grow and manage their business in one place,” Divine said. “Once connected, QuickBooks becomes the source of truth for inventory and order management.”

The pair also announced improvements to accounting, reporting, and workforce solutions — including smarter transaction matching, custom reporting emails, employee bulk imports, and self-serve paycheck corrections.

A silver anniversary for QuickBooks ProAdvisors

2022 marked the 25th anniversary of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program, which currently includes 600,000 global partners who help small business owners thrive.

“While the program has evolved over the years to reflect the evolution of our QuickBooks platform, one thing remains the same: You are the backbone of the QuickBooks community,” said Ted Callahan, QuickBooks accountant partnership and strategy leader.

Another new addition is the ProAdvisor customized training portal, designed to help you learn new skills, grow your practice, get product updates, and serve clients with confidence. Included in the portal are personalized training paths, a certification hub, and a training library.

The impact of a good partnership is clear. Nine out of 10 small business owners working with an accountant or bookkeeper credit them with their business’ success, a recent QuickBooks survey found. The survey also said small business owners who worked with professionals have reduced the impact of inflation this year.

“Our vision for you is to be your number one partner that helps power the prosperity of you and your clients, worldwide,” said Callahan.

Stay Connected with year-round opportunities to learn and connect

The best partners are there for you day in and day out, which is why some of the best sessions that happened at the in-person event won’t be staying in Vegas. QuickBooks is helping partners continue learning year-round with free on-demand videos on the QuickBooks Connect website.

Explore the benefits of becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to support others in their business — and to grow your own. And stay tuned for announcements about future QuickBooks Connect events.