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HBB Accounting Partners With Largest Travel Nursing Group on Facebook

HBB Accounting has partnered with "Traveling Nurse Jobs $5000 a Week and Up," the largest Facebook travel nursing group in the U.S.

HBB Accounting, a provider of tax planning and preparation services to individuals and small businesses, has partnered with “Traveling Nurse Jobs $5000 a Week and Up,” the largest Facebook travel nursing group in the U.S. HBB Accounting will be the preferred accounting firm for the group. The announcement was made by HBB president Ryan Moriarty, Ph.D.

“Traveling Nurse Jobs $5,000 a Week and Up” is a Facebook group dedicated to providing the best resources that nurses need for their 260,000+ members.

“We’re very picky about who we work with, and do not permit businesses to advertise without vetting and our express permission,” said Elizabeth Hutton, head of business development for the group. “In addition to providing a safe space nurses can share with each other, we want to put together the best and trusted resources for many of the services that nurses need.”

“I was absolutely floored when Elizabeth reached out to our organization,” said Dr. Moriarty. “We have specific experience because we have completed more than 300 returns for travel nurses in the last few years. We try to be active in the community and answer as many questions nurses have. The laws are complicated, so having professional guidance can have a huge positive impact on a nurse. We are honored that our hard work was noticed.”

“One of the most common kinds of questions we get is about tax preparation,” said Hutton. “Our nurses have unique concerns and needs, but not every accounting firm has the expertise to assist. We did some research into firms that have the expertise to work with our nurses; HBB Accounting came out as our top choice.”

With this partnership, HBB Accounting will be tasked with answering any tax and accounting questions posted in the group, and HBB Accounting will be able to advertise their services in the group.

“We strongly believe that this partnership will be hugely beneficial for us, the Facebook group, and the nurses we both serve,” said Moriarty. “