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Armanino Launches Digital Client Experience Application

The all-encompassing digitized experience will be available for select Armanino clients to test-drive and provide feedback on.

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Armanino LLP, a top 20 national accounting and consulting firm, announces the test launch of its new digital client experience app, Armanino Access. The all-encompassing digitized experience will be available for select Armanino clients to test-drive and provide feedback on, marking an important step in Armanino’s commitment to digital transformation and a differentiated end-to-end client experience.

“We are committed to delivering a best-in-class client experience and investing in new avenues of digital transformation that empower our clients to get the information they need, when they need it,” stated Matt Armanino, CEO at Armanino. “We value our clients’ feedback. Through in-depth focus groups, and the launch of the pilot version of Armanino Access, we are creating an app that will speak directly to the evolving needs of our clients, giving them the power to connect with us in the ways they’ve indicated are most meaningful and beneficial to their businesses. We are proud to deliver such innovation in our industry.”

The test launch will collect invaluable data and feedback directly from clients to help improve and innovate Armanino Access based on client needs and preferences. Armanino Access is designed with a comprehensive client dashboard that provides real-time status on any client project, direct messaging to the client team, milestone tracking, event registration, news updates and a virtual chatbot for a personalized experience. Several updates and new capabilities are expected to be added following the initial round of client feedback.

One of the most unique features is Business Campfires, an interactive networking group. Via the Campfires, Armanino clients can pose questions or ideas and gather feedback from other industry-related clients or Armanino experts. Armanino intends to provide this channel as a fresh way to interconnect the industries they serve through technology.

“The goal of Armanino Access is to help our clients go further and faster, utilizing frictionless communication,” said Cody Page, a partner at Armanino who focuses on client experience. “Most of today’s applications are geared toward the convenience of the firm, and not the client. We want to change that by giving our clients a best-in-class application with the modern and intuitive capabilities they’ve told us they want. The pilot is specifically designed to elicit the feedback needed to do just that.”