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Premium Apps for QuickBooks Online Advanced Speed Workflow


CPAs and accountants know their clients would rather spend time in their business than on their business. One of the ways to do that is to recommend third-party apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online. Apps handle tasks, speed workflow, enable productivity, and help businesses – and even your own firm – be more efficient.

If you’re running your accounting on QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can help your clients tailor their software to work seamlessly with a growing suite of best-in-class apps, add-ons, and purpose-built integrations offering exclusive capabilities for Advanced customers. With Advanced’s Premium Apps, QuickBooks becomes a hub for managing all of the workflows that help your clients work smarter and grow faster – all from one place.

For small- and mid-size businesses, the manual tasks associated with preparing and sending estimates are often inefficient and take time away from serving customers. Intuit® recently launched the DocuSign eSignature Connector by QuickBooks to help small businesses digitally sign estimates directly from QuickBooks® Online Advanced (Advanced). In addition to time, customers can save an average of $36 per contract by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity.

DocuSign eSignature Connector by QuickBooks allows businesses to:

  • Go digital for a faster, more secure turnaround of estimates using e-signature to help close deals quicker.
  • Streamline sales by automating the estimate process, so growing businesses can move from quote to cash faster.
  • Stay on top of progress with notifications of their DocuSign documents, so they can follow up with next steps immediately.

QuickBooks DocuSign

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QuickBooks recently launched several other integrations as part of its strategy to address the unique pain points of mid-market customers, and create an all-in-one financial and business hub. The DocuSign eSignature Connector by QuickBooks application is just one of a variety of best-in-class apps and purpose-built integrations that power growing businesses and help them digitally transform.

Other apps include:

  • With and Advanced, your clients will get more financial control over accounts payable with customized workflows for faster and easier bill pay approvals. With as a Premium App for Advanced, deep linking between bills in and QuickBooks is enabled, reducing steps and increasing the ease of use.
  • HubSpot: HubSpot for QuickBooks integrates a business’ customer relationship management and financial management solutions, enabling sales and finance teams to work together more efficiently. With the Advanced and HubSpot integration, you can help your clients can set up their own automated workflows to move invoices from draft to review and approval.
  • Salesforce: The Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks seamlessly integrates data between Salesforce and QuickBooks. Built by QuickBooks exclusively for Advanced users, the Salesforce Connector is only available as one of Advanced’s hand-picked Premium Apps.
  • LeanLaw: LeanLaw is an industry-specific app that boosts productivity for law firms and legal businesses. The LeanLaw integration with QuickBooks Online Advanced enables firms to track trust accounting, billable hours, and client reports, among other functions.

Check out a Premium Apps overview video to learn more about Premium Apps and how they integrate with QuickBooks Online Advanced.


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