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2020 Review of Cloudvara Hosting



From the 2020 reviews of hosting systems for accounting firms.

Ideal Firm

Cloudvara offers value in its simplicity. This is a very straightforward move to the cloud, putting all your favorite desktop applications on a virtual desktop in the cloud.

The shift to Cloudvara is ideal for small firms looking for a virtual desktop for their key accounting applications, like QuickBooks as well as various tax software options.  Smaller firms, whose tech stacks center on their tax software, will find this to be a solution that fits their needs, implements quickly and simply, relatively speaking.

For firms looking to migrate 100% of their programs and servers into the cloud, you will find that other providers on our list are geared toward this solution. 

Real World Use

Cloudvara provides a multi-tiered pricing plan based on users and a couple of basic options. How many users do you need? Do you want SSL certificates (and yes, you probably do if you don’t understand the question)? Do you want two-factor authentication (again, yes, always say yes to security)? And lastly, do you want a business disaster recovery plan?

When looking at migrating to Cloudvara, you need to carefully consider your firm’s current tech stack and needs.  For those firms with a small IT footprint, you can move away from the risks and challenges of an on premise or local provider’s IT footprint and get started in the cloud easily.

Keep in mind, this is an IT firm providing what it promises as rock-solid cloud hosting of your accounting and office applications. This is not necessarily a software provider providing support for your Sage accounting end-users.

You can call them for help when something strange happens with user access to your cloud account in the middle of the night, and although Cloudvara is not actually technical support for the products it hosts, the support team is knowledgeable on these systems and may be able to assist.

So, with that in mind, Cloudvara fits the lean accounting firm’s needs like a glove.


Cloudvara is a hosting service well-suited for both accounting and legal firms, as well as other types of businesses looking for QuickBooks or other application and office systems hosting. The company is now deploying (almost exclusively) Azure environments, so clients will reap the out-of-the-box Azure security features and datacenter reliability

Cloudvara’s focus is hosting on Windows RDP, and it can host a variety of legal, accounting, CRM, and inventory systems, plus your Microsoft Office and other tax, analytics and various software applications.

The Cloudvara virtual desktop can be accessed from any device, including PC, Mac, and tablets as well as iOS and Android devices.

Cloudvara builds customized, dedicated servers, should your business want one, including a scalable network, rolling data backups, a firewall, and virus protection around the clock. Cloudvara guarantees a 99.5 % uptime, with your data stored on multiple servers in multiple locations. All Cloudvara data centers use SOC reporting, ISO certifications, and are HIPAA and PCI compliant with data backed up daily.

Cloudvara is an Authorized Standard Host for all QuickBooks applications. Other hosting expertise includes Abacus Law, ProLaw, and PC Law, accounting applications including Sage 50 Cloud and Sage 100 and Sage 300, tax software including Drake, Lacerte, and ProSeries, CRM applications including Act! and Goldmine, and inventory applications including Fishbowl and inFlow. Cloudvara is also a Certified Cloud Management Provider, offering Microsoft Azure Cloud Management services to small to mid-sized businesses. Cloudvara offers complete migration assistance, and product updates, and can host other applications upon client request.

2020 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars