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2020 Review of Empire Suite

Empire Suite is a cloud-based application that offers several solutions: Empire TIME, Empire EXPENSE, Empire CALENDAR, Empire RESOURCE, and Empire TIME OFF. All products are designed to work together to create a robust management solution.


Empire Suite

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From the 2020 reviews of practice management systems.

Empire Suite is a cloud-based application that offers several seamlessly integrated solutions: Empire TIME, Empire EXPENSE, Empire CALENDAR, Empire RESOURCE, Empire AUTOMATED TAX SCHEDULING and Empire TIME OFF. All products are designed to work together to create a robust management solution. Empire Suite is best suited to larger businesses, but scalable to any size..

Empire Suite has added several new features since it was reviewed last, including PTO management using any device, the ability to do resource scheduling at the activity level, the ability to create multiple employee types, the addition of business intelligence reporting, and an enhanced project user interface. The other major addition is the availability of timers, which allows managers to track employee time, with employees also able to track time spent on a specific project.

Empire Suite’s app Empire MOBILE is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and it allows users to perform a variety of tasks including automatic downloading of credit card expenses for easy billing, tracking all assigned projects, the ability to track time and expense entries, and the ability to track mileage. Managers can access employee time and timer function directly from the mobile app, and time can be entered into Empire Suite when offline, with the data later syncing with the application once a connection has been restored. The mobile app is available in English, Spanish, and German languages, with more languages coming soon.


Empire Suites home page allows users to view assignments, request PTO, and launch time and expense sheets. Managers and users with the appropriate permissions can see and manage their projects from the project dashboard.  Newly added is a filter bar to give users one-click options to manage the project display by project status, office, department and managed by criteria. Users can add personal information such as a photo, employment history, and resume to their individual home page, and they can manage and edit assignments from this central location.

Adding a new project in Empire Suite is easy, with users able to later add all time and expenses to that particular project.

Expense receipts can be easily uploaded to the Receipt Gallery, where they can then be approved and added to any invoice. The Time Sheet feature in Empire TIME allows users to use a timesheet to record time spent on any project, or click on the timer to track time automatically. Clicking on the timer option brings up a short list of options for employees to complete, including a project name, task name, location name, and rate class name. Managers can easily track employee timer entries for accuracy prior to the billing/invoicing process.

Timesheet entry allows users to track regular time, overtime, and non-billable time, with an option to add a new client or project at the same time as recording time. All clients and projects are displayed on a users home page, making it easy to choose the appropriate area to enter time. Users can also specify a rate type when adding time, with users able to easily edit any time entries made. Once a timesheet or timer entry is completed, it can be easily routed to the appropriate supervisor or manager for approval.

Empire Suite offers multiple billing options including Project Tasks, Billing Activities, Financial Summary, Split Billing, Reverse Billing, and an option to define billable rates. Users can create custom branding on their invoice, or export invoicing details to their current accounting applications.

Users can use the project dashboard to compare employee schedules, proactively manage project budgets, and enter estimated hours to complete, while the resource scheduling option allows managers to easily match employees with specific project requirements.

Empire Suite offers good reporting options in a variety of categories including Activity Reports, Admin Reports, Billing Reports, Other Reports, WIP Reports, and PTO reports. 

Empire Suite offers seamless integration with popular ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Epicor, Agresso, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. In addition, the application integrates with QuickBooks, with custom integration available through Empire Suite. Empire Suite also offers seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, with the Empire CALENDAR feature. CALENDAR offers user-initiated two-way integration between Empire RESOURCE and Microsoft Outlook.  Users can download their Empire RESOURCE assignments into their Outlook Calendars and also upload meetings and appointments from Outlook into Empire RESOURCE.  Also available is an option to download Empire RESOURCE assignments into Outlook automatically, but that automated downloaded does not support an upload from Outlook back into Empire RESOURCE. 

Users can access the Knowledge Base directly from Empire Suite, with help guides available for all program areas including Empire PROJECT, Empire CALENDAR, Empire RESOURCE, Empire TIME, and Empire EXPENSE. Users can access support from the product dashboard, by telephone, or by email.

Empire Suite is better suited to firms with strong project management needs rather than the practice management needs of a CPA firm. A powerful, robust system, Empire Suite is optimally designed for enterprise level organizations that are looking for a centralized project management application that integrates with ERP accounting applications.  

2020 Rating: 4.75 Stars



·        Product integrates with numerous ERP systems

·         Excellent integration with Microsoft Office

·         Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices


Potential Limitations

·         Too complex for smaller accounting firms

·         Better suited for project management than practice management