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2020 Review of BQE Core Time & Billing


BQE Core

BQE Software


From the 2020 reviews of Time & Billing systems.

BQE Core from BQE Software offers time and expense tracking along with a variety of other features including project management, billing, accounting, and HR. The powerful system BQE is a good fit for professional services firms, and has features specific to the needs of accounting and CPA firms. 

BQE Core is completely cloud-based and includes a mobile app that works with both iOS and Android devices. The mobile app allows users to manage time and expenses, create and send invoices, and access mobile reports and performance summary screens. A comprehensive to-do list is accessible on the mobile app, and users can easily track expenses on the mobile app that can later be added to a client invoice.

BQE Core uses a role-based pricing structure, allowing firms to purchase modules for each user based on his or her role and needs. So you don’t have to purchase features for everyone in the company if only a few people are using them.


The system offers exceptional dashboard options that are completely customizable, allowing each user to set them up to display quick access to key data, with real-time visibility. The dashboards can also be easily shared with other users who have access rights to the data.

BQE Core’s time and expense features offers users a variety of time entry options, including the time card that is available in both daily and weekly views, with an option to pre-fill the timecard, a time-saving option for those with a regular schedule. Both PTO and comp time can be tracked, and employees can easily track time against a specific client or task if desired. BQE Core also includes an unlimited number of timers that can be utilized. When entering time on a timecard, users can indicate whether time is billable or not. Once the timecard has been filled out, users can submit the card for approval and processing. Note that the Billing option in BQE Core will have to be purchased if you want to process bills and invoice clients through this product.

BQE Core’s data entry screen is modeled after the time entry screen, making time entry simple. Users can enter time on the time entry screen and expenses on a separate screen, with an option to upload receipts and enter totals to any expense entered in the system. Users also have the choice to add a note or memo to any time or expense entry. 

BQE Core’s Billing option offers multiple billing methods including automatic, progress, manual, and custom. Users can choose from a variety of fully customizable invoice templates, and there is an option to send multiple invoices in a single email. Both client and project statements can be created as well.

BQE Core includes nearly 200 time and expense and billing reports including Activity Items, Expense Items, Time Card Week View, and Workflow Details. Billing reports include Billing Detail, Billing Analysis, Billing Forecast, and Billable Work History. Gross Margin reports are also available, as is an Invoice Reconciliation report. All BQE Core reports are fully customizable, with users able to edit standard reports or create a report from scratch, with the option to export reports to Microsoft Word and Excel for further customization. Reports can also be emailed to recipients directly from the print screen or saved as a PDF.

BQE Core is a completely integrated system, with Billing, Accounting, Project Management, and Reporting functionality included along with Time and Billing, although each feature is purchased separately. In addition, BQE Core integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online, as well as Dropbox and Google Drive. 

The Core Help Center in BQE Core offers a searchable knowledgebase that offers links in a variety of categories. A comprehensive video library is also available, with videos available for getting started, company setup, and data migration and integration options. An FAQ page is also available, and the BQE Core Community lets users ask questions and share solutions with other BQE users. Product help is also available from any BQE Core entry screen. Product support is available via telephone or email during regular business hours, with a support portal available as well.

Pricing for the BQE Core Time and Expense plan is $7.95 per user, per month, with pricing for other plans available from BQE Core. A free-15-day trial is available for those interested in trying out the application.  

2020 Overall Rating – 5 Stars


·        Excellent dashboards

·         Only need to purchase what is needed

·         Easy time entry using a mobile device

·         Multiple timers available