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Invoiced and CollBox Partner to Supercharge A/R Collections

Invoiced, an accounts receivable automation platform, and CollBox, a bookkeeping-integrated application that lets businesses collect on past due invoices, have announced a new integration that makes it virtually effortless to transmit overdue invoices to CollBox’s network of vetted collection agencies.

While most Invoiced customers are able to get paid faster and significantly reduce bad debt, the new CollBox integration makes it easier to take an important next collection step before writing off. The new integration is for Invoiced customers who want to easily and digitally transmit overdue invoices to a network of vetted, high quality collection agencies and approve the best offer terms.

Invoiced customers need only create a CollBox account and then connect it with Invoiced. Once connected, users can select overdue invoices found in Invoiced and receive collection offers to review. They can then review the best collection offers from CollBox’s vetted network of high quality collection agencies and submit accounts to collections with just a few clicks.

“While Invoiced helps customers get paid faster and spend less time on collections, our new CollBox integration now enables mutual clients to more easily recover that ‘last mile’ of otherwise uncollectible debt with just a few clicks,” said Jared King, co-founder and chief executive officer for Invoiced. “As a result, businesses can now minimize bad debt without having to wrangle invoices and agencies on their own.”

“Invoiced has already earned an industry-leading reputation for accounts receivable automation at scale and reducing bad debt for its customers,” said Cameron Desautels, co-founder and chief executive officer for CollBox. “But there will always be some number of invoices that need more specialized, late-cycle collection activities—and that’s why we’re so excited to integrate directly with the leading accounts receivable automation platform.”

The new integration is available today for all Invoiced and CollBox customers. Existing Invoiced customers can sign up for a CollBox account at To sign up for Invoiced visit

For further details visit or schedule a demo at